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  • Hi Neil,
    I saw your post but the forum wouldn't let me respond to it. The one that you asked if removing one's breathing mask was a form of suicide. It absolutely isn't. You don't have to use any devices to prolong your life if you don't wish too. If you did something to speed the natural process up then that is a different matter. Rather to take the mask off or leave it on is your own personal choice.
    I don't want to push religion on you. But, I think you would be more at peace if you talked things over with a pastor if you haven't all ready. I feel you have alot of unanswered questions that maybe they could shed some light on for you. Hugs, Kim
    There is truly a God and a heaven. If I were in your shoes right now I know that I too would be doubting my faith as well. But, this is when you need God the most. I have lost my faith many times along the road and God has pulled me back close to him. Please cry out to him now. He will not abandon you. God has walked me through many trials throughout my life. He isn't going to leave you now. You can even tell God you are angry and scared right now. It's ok. He understands and will not leave you. I am praying for you Neil. Please don't give up on God because I assure you that he is preparing a place for you in heaven. But, it is still up for him to decide when that will be. When it does happen I will look at the next rarinbow that I see. I will know it will be a sign from you telling me "Kim, you were right. There is a God and I'm right here with him in paradise. Hugs, Kim
    I am not here to sell you on any particular faith. Just find one. Life is so much more peaceful knowing you aren't alone. If you want to talk more, message me here.
    Hi Neil,
    I was saddened to read your message. I have been off for a few days because I was in the hospital. I had a kidney stone surgically removed. I'm fine now. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad you are using Hospice. Morphine and Ativan worked great for my dad during the final stage. He went peacefully. I love you Neil. Thanks for your friendship. Love always, Kim
    All peace to you Neil. It is what it is - and I would choose my own kind of end with palliative care.
    You have meant so much to me, because you were the first that brought the trees to the forum as a gift for PALS and so breathed a special kind of life into the property for me. You gave much back to me Neil, and I will always love you for this.
    Thinking of you Neil. People at work nickmamed me Chipmunk this week. I had a root canal and my face swelled up something awful. To say I wasn't looking so hot was a understatement to say the least.
    I saw your post to Tillie. Yes, Neil there is another beautiful side. We will get there when God, calls our name. In the meantime each second is precious. You have had much pain and hurt to endure Neil but there are many of us who care about you. You matter. You will get your reward in heaven when the times comes. But, in the meantime we sure enjoy loving you while your here with us on earth. Hugs, Kim
    so good to see you online again Neil. There haven't been many koalas on the place for months, I keep trying to will one into your tree again! I really appreciate you typing to me with that one finger, I am honoured.
    Vince (b&g) has decided he is going to come back as a koala and live here on my place, sounds pretty neat to me! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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