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    Could this be ALS please help

    Hi everyone, I’m here looking for some advice I’m hoping you can help me please. Here’s my story:- July 2016 - I had my baby boy by c-section, when they did my spinal I had a pain shoot down my right leg. Once he was here I had bad cramping and spasms in that leg this was continuous until about...
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    hello every one my name is Najib and i have father who been diagnosed with ALS 6 month ago and i want to get more info if that possible. with ALS my dad has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and need an urgent Surgery to totally removal of the thyroid gland . but his doc said he cant do any...
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    Follow up emg - already diagnosed...

    Please help me understand why a person who has been diagnosed with als needs a follow up emg a year later? Obviously the dr wants to check for progression ---are there any other reasons??? Sassy
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    please help, too many symptoms matching.

    Dear all, Sorry for the mistakes, I'm French. Sorry for the lenght (also going to blame it on the french origin ^^) First of all, i want to express all my love to those suffering with ALS. I know how frustrating it can be for someone who has got diagnosed to see ‘healthy’ people not fully...
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    Scared out of my mind, please help me.

    Brief history: I'm a 27 year old guy currently living in Denmark. about 2 months ago I felt fasciculations in my upper left chest during rest, which happened several times the following days, however only when at rest. I cannot recall when the 'shaking' started in my left leg and when it...
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    Please help

    I have been having muscle twitches for over a month now widespread. Neurol exam was normal and having emg in 2 weeks. My question: my twitches are always felt but not seen? Is this normal? I have read about fibrillation, can you feel fibrillation? Thank you for your time.
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    Breathing/ sleeping issues, please help

    y*Tb12*on September 29th, 2018, 3:07 am Hi guys, I have 7 years of symptoms, had so much tests and seen so many neurologists and neuromuscular specialists, emgs were clean and they didnt suspect anything. Symptoms: Fasciculations Cramps Tremors under muscle stress Nerve pain Fatigue Joint...
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    Please help! ALS anxiety

    Hello there and thank you for your attention. Im sorry if i am being offensive to all als fighters out there. I am an 18 year old female. I have crohns disease and anxiety disorder. The past 4 days ive been having really fast fasciculations on the upper end of my lower left arm (not hand) and...
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    Please please help with my symptoms!!

    Hi all, I am so very hopeful that somebody can either put my mind at rest or give me the strength I need to really push my doctor for some more information. I am a 36 year old female. For the past few weeks I have noticed that I am having muscle twitching or "fasciculations' all over by body...
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    Looking for opinions please

    25 yr old male. Had visit with dr about left pec twitch. Looked up ALS before I went a dgot scared. She said I didn’t have it but since then I’ve had daily Fasciculations. Mostly in right calf. I feel weakness I think but can’t tell if it’s clinical or perceived. Weird hot cold sensations in...