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Sep 24, 2018
Learn about ALS
Hi all,

I am so very hopeful that somebody can either put my mind at rest or give me the strength I need to really push my doctor for some more information.

I am a 36 year old female. For the past few weeks I have noticed that I am having muscle twitching or "fasciculations' all over by body.
I have noticed these in my hands, calf muscles, thighs, butt, groin, shoulder, even sometimes my eyelids. I am not sure if I have had these for a long time and ignored/not noticed them or if they are new. Other symptoms are as follows:

1) Fasciculations all over the body

2) Cramping in my feet for the past few months

3) Feeling weakness/tingling/numbness in left leg and top of foot

4) Feeling of weakness/tingling/numbness/dead arm in left arm and sometimes feeling of a cold shoulder

5) Doctor says I have "brisk reflex"

I went to see a neurologist this morning who was a little abrupt and rude and didn't comfort me or reassure me at all. He has noted on my after visit summary that I have brisk reflex, no atrophy or weakness. He has referred me for an MRI of the brain and also a nerve conduction test.

I am so so so so afraid that these symptoms sounds like early onset ALS.

Could anybody please respond and let me know your thoughts? I am beside myself with worry and have read so many conflicting reports of symptoms. I have read that sensory issues are not associated with ALS. I have then read that some people have tingling/perceived weakness. I have read that twitching all over the body isn't usually indicative of ALS and then in other places I read that all over/body wide tingling can be an early symptom!

My left arm feels pretty weak/strange but I can still write, drive, pick up things and don't have any trouble using it. But perhaps this is because it is early onset? I really don't know and it's making me so anxious. I cannot stop crying and having panic attacks. I hope someone can give me some guidance.

Thanks so much in advance and apologies for the long post. :-(
"No atrophy or weakness" is all good. As you have read, numbness and tingling are not ALS-onset-type symptoms, nor does "all-over" twitching mean anything.

This could be a hundred other things, or nothing at all. ALS is at the bottom of the list. The EMG will show more. Try not to panic. Go take a nature walk.

Thanks for the quick response I am so appreciative of any help and/or advice. Would numbness/tingling and basically just strange feelings in my arm/leg be a symptom at all? What makes you say that ALS is at the bottom of the list? The twitching and cramps and general feeling of weakness to me, screams ALS.
I am so confused..... :-(
ALS is not a feeling of weakness. It is the inability to perform tasks requiring movement.

Twitching and cramps mean jack. Everyone reading this has had some.

You can continue to obsess or you can appreciatively live the life people here can't lead, pending any reason to worry. It is your choice.
I apologise sincerely if I have upset you in some way; that certainly was not my intention and I am very appreciative of any help and or advice I get from this forum.
I am just extremely concerned about the symptoms I have been having and then my visit to the neurologist this morning who then noticed the brisk reflex. I thought that this was something to be concerned about especially if twitching/fasciculations are present as well. Is a brisk reflex not a concern when combined with the twitching I am experiencing all over my body?
No. Anxiety itself can manifest as brisk reflexes, a much more common reason for them than ALS.

If you have not been evaluated by your primary care doc, this would also be the time, to look at thyroid, etc.
Hey, Driver.

First, the general practice medical doctor. She'll send you to any specialist needed.
No ALS. Not at all. Not even close.
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