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  • Hi shine
    Hope. You doing great
    Just wanted to know how are you feeling nowi have got almost exactly same symptoms as yours
    And the same worry and distress
    Shine has not logged on since last year.
    Hi Shine, I'm also in Berlin. It would be really interesting to hear how you are getting on. I hope things are ok. Take care.
    Hello. I am in the same stage like you. I now how you feel. Its hard. You feel something ia very wrong but nobody understand it.
    Shine, have a read of the of the "Read Before Posting" thread at the top of the "Do I Have ALS?" subforum. If you read the whole thing through, there are some posting expectations at the end in the section titled Finally.

    I understand the desire to help, but this forum actively discourages people who do not have ALS from engaging and socializing here as it exists specifically to support those with ALS and their caregivers. Those who are worried about ALS or who are attempting to self diagnose only increase their anxiety by hanging out here. We encourage people to work with their doctors as this place is not a replacement for medical attention.

    Best wishes.
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