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Sep 2, 2018
25 yr old male. Had visit with dr about left pec twitch. Looked up ALS before I went a dgot scared. She said I didn’t have it but since then I’ve had daily Fasciculations. Mostly in right calf. I feel weakness I think but can’t tell if it’s clinical or perceived. Weird hot cold sensations in arm. Like I’m getting a jolt through it or something. Emg in the 13th of this month. I’m just scared can anyone please help or inform me. Should I be worried? The Fasciculations are widespread now but it’s only been about two weeks if that since I very first thought I had als. However the jerks or sleep start things I experience are actual body jerks that I’ve had for at least two years now.
Apologies. I’m just very nervous and anxious. I just got my life together(more or less) and it seems these symptoms are just screwing me over. Are u saying you don’t think I have it?
Correct, we do not think you have it. The EMG will confirm. If you have uncontrolled movements that make it hard to fall or stay asleep, you might ask about screening for RLS (restless leg syndrome).

I got an emg but it wasn’t one for als. As stated my twitching started in my left pec and arm. The emg was clean. Which brings me to this question. I don’t really understand emgs, so forgive me if I sound stupid but do you have to have fasiculations for the emg to pick them up or does it show it regardless? My emg was clean by the way but the twitching is still going on so idk what it could be

Laurie, it’s not that I can’t fall or stay asleep. It happen through the day, all day.
RLS/PLMD is not just in sleep.

All EMG reports list whatever abnormalities were found, not just focusing on ALS or whatever the catalyst was.

Everyone seems to define fascics differently but you don't have to be twitching for the EMG to see problems.
Ok. Thank u. Thank u. I’ve been worrying so much and I’ve noticed if I play games or keep my mind busy it happens less or not at all.
By the way to clarify I have both fasiculations where u see my muscle like beating or something and limb movement like Myoclonic jerks. Just freaking out that I’m having both. It’s apreading and I can feel it. But thank u. Knowing the emg detects abnormalities without twitching makes me feel a lot better. Sorry for posting so much. Me and doctors are still trying to figure out what’s going on. Will keep posted I guess
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