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    Geezer Doctor

    The Retired Doctor An old physician, Doctor Gordon Geezer, became very bored in retirement and decided to re-open a medical clinic. He put a sign up outside that said: "Dr. Geezer's clinic. Get your treatment for $500 - if not cured, get back $1,000." Doctor Digger Young, who was...
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    Please help me

    I’m 24 years of age, Caucasian female. I had a baby 7 months ago. I have been having very strange symptoms for about three months. I have seen a cardiologist, Gi doctor, pcp. Basically I twitching all over my body while I am resting, so if I’m laying low or sitting down my muscle twitches...
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    Please help. Very scared

    Hi my names randy, im a 19 year old male with no family history of als ..ive been extremely worried as of lately because i feel i might have als/ started about four years ago i had terrible anxiety and started feeling tingling and numbness in my left arm and went to my PCP and was...
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    Concerned. Symptoms and family histor

    I have progressive atrophy of my right leg along with abdominal twitches and twitches in calf thighs and peroneal and calf muscle of right leg has mother and maternal aunt died of als....but my neurons are not ready to take me as a patient because they say you are...
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    unsure if i have ALS

    Hello everybody, I'm a bit reluctant to post this thread, just because I'm unsure if i'm overreacting or if i'm right and i don't want to be either... Anyways this is my story, since 18 march i've noticed a little light headed feeling, just for a minute or so. I didn't make much out of it, but...
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    37 y.o. - Long term symptoms, muscle loss recently - please help

    Hi all, I'm a 37 old male finally posting here because I've become very anxious recently. I did read quite a few posts and I understand time is an precious asset, so I really appreciate if you can share your point of view. My symptoms from the most recent, most worrisome to the oldest (I know...
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    Is This ALS? Please help.

    Hi everyone, I’m a 27 year old male. I recently concerned about ALS a lot, would like to get help. I recently experienced an unusual shake in my left hand when using a spoon, 2 days later it becomes weakness in my left hand and my fingers became less flexible, and my right hand started to have...
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    Symptoms persisting -please help

    Dear All, Thanks in advance for your time it really is mucj appreciated. I wish all PALS the very best in the toughest of fights. I posted a wee while back but have been unable to post again on my thread. Thought I'd post an update and ask for some thoughts on symptoms if not too much...
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    very concerned I have ALS

    I am a 44 year old female with two year old twin daughters. A little background on me, I have had muscle twitches all over my body since I was 19. They have come and gone without any problems. I just notice them and I am otherwise healthy. Lately they have gotten worse and more consistent...
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    Can someone please help me out?

    Listen, I understand that tons of people post here thinking they have ALS. And I know how annoying it must be for those of you who actually have it to read these posts from people who don't have it and are just blowing things out of proportion. But I'd like some input into my situation. I mean...
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