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Oct 22, 2018
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Brief history:

I'm a 27 year old guy currently living in Denmark. about 2 months ago I felt fasciculations in my upper left chest during rest, which happened several times the following days, however only when at rest. I cannot recall when the 'shaking' started in my left leg and when it shifted to both. The shaking cannot be seen, and when I put my hand on it, it feels like it's my heart beating (resembling my pulse, however it FEELS way faster than my pulse before I put my hand on).

I have trouble with health-anxiety, and have been battling a quite heavy episode prior to this, which I know makes this all somewhat less credible. I started digging into the whole shaking thing, and I came up with MS, as I had, besides the shaking, experiencing myoclonic jerks (like lightning that starts from my temple and shoots into a limb) and also for a few days some quite heavy fatigue.

On top of that, I've been experiencing weakness in my legs and my arms, which now only seems to be the left leg and my left arm. Also it feels like I have a tingly nerve that shoots down my leg, from the top of my thigh down to my knee. I feel like the weakness in my left side has been getting worse, and on top of that, I started getting fasciculations in my left foot, my left calve and vice versa on the other side. The fasciculations also appear briefly around my body, but doesn't stay for long according to what I'm sensing (however, the majority that is felt is in the left side, both UMN and BMN).

I've studied ALS quite extensively for about a week now, and have read everything from forums to heavy study-articles that explains how ALS is experienced among X-amount of studies, the F-shape of the fasciculations and so on.

I've had two doctors check some basic motory stuff, but at that time I didn't know about the fasciculations, and after telling my own doctor about them, he referred me to a neurologist, that I'm going to see the 31th of October. This is literally eating me up inside, and my psychiatrist prescribed me SSRI, as I was showing close to major depression. In my mind I already have ALS, and I know that seems very subjective - however I cannot logically explain to myself that it is not ALS, by looking at the symptoms.

To sum it up:

Fasciculations in both legs and feet. Fasciculations also appear briefly at random around my body, but have had a few incidents where it appeared for a longer time around the side of my stomach (side-muscles?). Also have had fasciculations around my left chest, that I thought to be my heart at first, but I realized it was my muscles moving rapidly around.

As I'm sitting here writing, I'm also noticing fasciculations in my left triceps and can feel weakness too. I've tried a few excercises to see if I could feel any weakness in comparison to the right side, and it seems somewhat weaker. I cannot spot any visible atrophy in any of my muscles in comparison to the right side, however I have not measured any of them. On top of this, my doctor told me I have brisk reflexes at the knee. I've checked if I can dorsiflex which I still can, however I'm not able to flex my left toe upwards when placing my heel in the ground and flex the front-foot upwards.

I guess I don't know what I expect you guys to say after all of this, but yeah... I'm scared shitless. Literally. Everything seems unreal and I believe my anxiety is through the roof, which it has been for quite a while.

Hope to hear ... anything, I guess.

~ Daniel:-(
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You haven't posed anything to worry about in re MND. If you read the sticky "Read Before Posting" you will see why. Keep in touch with your psychiatrist -- you may need short-term help for anxiety -- but most of all, further counseling for the health anxiety seems like a good idea. You deserve a life with less anxiety and depression in it. But you don't belong here, because ALS is not in your picture. So the help you need is in Denmark, not on line.

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