I can't help but wonder...

I cant help but wonder if my fathers addiction to pain killers triggered or had any influence on his ALS. He has had ALS for about 2 and a half years now and prior to the onset of his ALS, he was pretty heavily addicted to hydrocodone. Do you think this could have possibly triggered his ALS? I mean I always read about possible "environmental influences" for ALS, but never anything like this. I'm probably just in search for something that's not really there. But thanks for your time anyways guys  <3

Slurred speech

My dad was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS in Oct 2012 and he passed away Feb 2012. We suspect he may have had symptoms long before the time of diagnosis but never told us. About 6-9 months ago I noticed I was having slurred speech. I chalked it up to being tired, but it persisted so I finally made a Dr appt. My mri was normal and my nerve conduction and emg were normal. However my speech continues to be slurred and I've recently noticed I'm having difficulty moving food around in my mouth. I'm also very tired and I feel less strong like everything takes more effort.

Require assistance/ support


I have been currently experiencing symptoms since March 10th, 2016.   I am 46 m and tried to keep very active. The symptoms started in my calf.  It was stiff.  Then the twitches started-in my calves arms shoulder neck.  Pins and needles in my feet, face arms.  Dull pain in my thigh, forearms, back

As timed passed seemed that the twitches started to subside but always had the stiffness in legs and especially the calves

Well I just received some blood results that is concerning 

My CK level -1140% and the Aldolase was 28.1 %

Trying to Adjust


This is the first time I've joined any type of forum and from what I've read i feel this is a good place to start to get help to the zillions of questions i have about this new life and maybe my journey will help someone else cope.

Hi Dad,

 Hi Dad,

              It's only been six months since you passed but it seems longer then that to me. I miss you so much. Cindy, is driving me crazy trying to control me all the time. I know she means well but I am about to go crazy with her need to control my every move.

PALS major panic and stuffy nose issues

I'm just at my wits end trying to help my PALS and would appreciate any suggestions.

He is constantly stuffed up and we have tried the saline sprays, gels, Afrin, tissues in water used to wet his nose, Sudafed you name it and nothing has helped. We've mentioned it to our clinic and VA docs and it gets shrugged off as yeah that happens.

Then every afternoon - think sundowners with dementia pts - he starts getting panicked.

My boyfriend has ALS and not sure how to move further in relationship

Hello all!  In search of advice from anyone!  My boyfriend told me last night that he has been diagnosed with ALS two years ago.  Being a single mom, I need to know if I would have the strength to move on with my relationship with him?  I have three boys under the age of 11, and I don't know if we were to stay together what will happen?  

Wondering what's wrong

I've been reading through everything trying to compare symptoms.  

It started in February with lots of tingling and numbness in my fingers.  I would wake up with numb fingers and lots of neck pain. I had an MRI in February and it showed a bulging disc. I had physical therapy but it didn't do a thing for me.  

Do I have als? So scared

For the last few months I guess you could say I had this muscle stiffness in my wrist forearm and left lower calf. I noticed it whenever I played basketball but it never had any impact on me working out or playing basketball. Recently this stiffness progressed and turned into a weakness above my knee/ upper thigh and my foot has this weird sensation that travels all the way to the tip of my toes. Almost like a tingling sensation but not quite. I also have a slight twitch. I fee fatigued in general but I think that's just depression because of these symptoms. I'm freaking out and scared.

Does this sound like als? So scared.

I am a 19 year old male. I guess for the last few months I had this stiffness in my wrist area and around my calf but I never paid attention to it as it never bothered me. Recently since last Friday, the stiffness increased and almost turned into what felt like a growing pain. Since then my leg and arm have felt a little weaker and twitching. My foot has been getting weird sensations all the way to the top of the toes. Right above my knee is very twitchy, weak, fatigued.