july 2014. most all of the 'i still can do' tasks i listed in my 1st blog are 'now i can't do'. :-(

tests booked

Got a date for the lumbar puncture etc.....Am in for three days from the 23th.....will let you know how i get on..take care folks..x

My wrists & hands today

Hoping that this blog will help me to keep track of my symptoms. I've been shaky and my hands feel clumsy. Speech is raspy and hoarse. My jaw and neck muscles are sore. And today when i grabbed my bag i noticed that my wrists have these weird dents...

my story so far

Life couldn't get any better right? I just turned 59 on May 10. As early as the summer of 2013, I would complain of my voice getting hoarse and the feeling that I had something stuck in my throat. (I'm not a spitter and trying to cough it up was hard). I blamed it on stress as I was working 3 jobs. I cut back to two jobs, but I was working 7 days a week. I complete my first 1/2 marathon and also kept working out 6 days a week doing Insanity. As an instructor I also taught the classes. I got really sick in September. I never miss work and I missed 8 days.

acupuncture can it help

hi my brother was diagnosed with als only 6 months ago. but his symptoms started over 2 yrs ago.his arms are now both affected and his left leg. with unsteady gait. and baclofen didn't really help with his arm cramps..waiting on stem cell clinical trial at mgh praying he gets in with no placebo! has anyone tried acupuncture? I have researched but found mixed reviews.. some have said it kept them mobile for longer.. any input would be greatly appreciated thank you eileen

Worried I may have ALS

Hi there, I'm a 30-year-old male, diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease 9 months ago. I'm aware that my thyroid disease can cause symptoms throughout my whole body, but I've been taking Synthroid and my TSH levels are currently in the normal range. My symptoms - mostly aches and twitching - are starting to worry me.