Still in denial?

I just was diagnosed with progressive bulbar palsy August 2016 although I've been having problems with my speech since maybe November 2015. My speech is getting worse, have weak facial muscles and tongue movement but otherwise feel fine. Penn medicine neurology said I have bulbar palsy and suggested I start rilutek that's it works pretty good for bulbar patients. I'm still hoping it's not ALS. Should I take the medicine? I don't know where to go from here. Any suggestions would be so welcome please!

New to ALS and the path of destruction

Hi, I'm Kali I am 26 years young, I am married and have three children.  My mother started having slurred speech 8-9 months ago and in May found out she indeed has ALS, say what? Only thing I knew about ALS were the bucket challenges a couple years ago!  She has the bulbar onset ALS I believe?

I'm getting more and more worried

Hi I'm a 45 year old male. Approximately 2 months ago I got a strange, stiffness in my Right calf that just hasn't gone away and has gotten progressively worse to the point of hampering my normal walking and is causing some pain around the ankle now. It's also started in my left leg between the calf and the ankle. This is all accompanied by severe fasciculations and spasms, especially at night. These tics are occurring throughout my body. as well.


It has been 8 months since my mom was diagnosed with ALS. I lost my dad when I was 20. He was sick for a long time and even as a child I knew that I would have to prepare myself for losing him at a young age. I just prayed that I would when the time came I would be old enough to take care of the family. You see, my mom is an immigrant and her English is not the best. She was a stay at home mom her entire life. My dad took care of the finances and made all the big decisions. So I prayed that when he left us I would be wise enough to make those decisions for us. 

Degenerative neurological disorder

I will be straight and thankful that als was ruled out by my neurologist at Cleveland clinic... That being said she believes I have stiff person syndrome which is 1/1,000,000 dx so I am alone as my body fails and I slowly lose ability to move, breathe and function.... Sadly with great pain. I am being transferred to the CC movement disorder clinic but really no good place to find others suffering how I do. I am mostly following to learn some adaptive equipment and other options that may help.

First Day Back to Work After His Diagnosis

People were so kind today it broke my heart a little. My boss hugged me, others had kind and caring words. I am so grateful for all of this but the kindness also softens me, makes me a little more vulnerable. 

I can't help but wonder...

I cant help but wonder if my fathers addiction to pain killers triggered or had any influence on his ALS. He has had ALS for about 2 and a half years now and prior to the onset of his ALS, he was pretty heavily addicted to hydrocodone. Do you think this could have possibly triggered his ALS? I mean I always read about possible "environmental influences" for ALS, but never anything like this. I'm probably just in search for something that's not really there. But thanks for your time anyways guys  <3

Slurred speech

My dad was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS in Oct 2012 and he passed away Feb 2012. We suspect he may have had symptoms long before the time of diagnosis but never told us. About 6-9 months ago I noticed I was having slurred speech. I chalked it up to being tired, but it persisted so I finally made a Dr appt. My mri was normal and my nerve conduction and emg were normal. However my speech continues to be slurred and I've recently noticed I'm having difficulty moving food around in my mouth. I'm also very tired and I feel less strong like everything takes more effort.

Require assistance/ support


I have been currently experiencing symptoms since March 10th, 2016.   I am 46 m and tried to keep very active. The symptoms started in my calf.  It was stiff.  Then the twitches started-in my calves arms shoulder neck.  Pins and needles in my feet, face arms.  Dull pain in my thigh, forearms, back

As timed passed seemed that the twitches started to subside but always had the stiffness in legs and especially the calves

Well I just received some blood results that is concerning 

My CK level -1140% and the Aldolase was 28.1 %