Please help worried I'm having als symptoms

It's been about two months so far
I've been having numbness and weakness in my arms hands legs and shoulders
It all started really suddenly just one night everything went numb and After that it's been different

Now I get numbness on and off in my limbs, a lot of muscle spasms all over my body, extream weakness in the arms and hands
Also there's tingling in the arms and legs I'm so scared it could be als
I had an EMG done and all was normal they said everything is working fine and good..
Im just scared what if it's early onset I'm only 21 years old and never had anything with weakness, tingling and numbness in the arms legs and hands.. I'm just really scared it all happened suddenly one night and after that night it hasn't been the same at all everything feels with and something feels like it just isn't right
Also I get pain and sometimes shaking in the arms
The pain is in my calves and arms and hands And it just feels like my limbs are heavy and I'm carrying them around
When I walk I feel like I'm tripping a little too
I'm just really worried because it isn't getting better and now all these muscle twitches all over my body have started ESPECIALLY in my right leg I get them every hour in my left leg basically.. and my vision has started going a big blurry with bad eye pain
Please help and let me know if this sounds like ALS in anyway I'm just a hypochondriac and I'm just scared because this has never happened to me ever in mylife

** Also the doctors have done blood work all came back normal for b12 and thyroid things like that and the EMG came back normal I'm just not feeling myself from this extreme muscle weakness,tingling, pain I'm just not myself anymore please give me some advice

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