Father recently diagnosed

My father was recently diagnosed with ALS, its onset is in the bulbar region, we are currently waiting for his first Doctor's appt, which seems to be taking forever. I am just looking to someone to give me advice about how quickly the disease will progress etc...really just need some information from someone has gone through...thank-you

Twiching is freaking me out

Hello ima male 22 years old and very active I teach jiujitsu for a living and I've had twiching all around my body but is most aggrisve in my right hamstring...its been happening for 6-7 days now I'm kinda freaking out and wondering if its to early to go to the doctor...I have no weakness I ran 3 miles yesterday no issue when I get home it acts up a lil but today I didn't run took a rest day and my right hamstring is really acting up...I'm also wondering if there is anyone who's had twitches like that for a while and has not had any weakness and has not been diganosed with asl...and dose m

Freaking out over my twiching

Hello ive been freaking out for about a week ive had non stop twiching all over my body but now its mostly just in my right hamstring non stop...I'm wondering if it to early to go to the doctor?

I don't know if this is right, but I need HELP

In January of 2015 I was pregnant and in nursing school I started having leg twitching. In January of 2016 I lost vision in my left eye for 45 seconds or so, had an MRI In which case they found 9 lesions, sent me to an MS specialist in march who said I did not have ms but that we would do a repeat MRI in July.. we did and the lesions were unchanged. He said he didnt think I had ms and that I most definitely didn't have mnd...  we would do another scan in July of 217 since then I've had widespread twitching. No atrophy and perceived weakness.

Living with ALS

Three Years

Today I celebrate the three-year anniversary of the worst day of my life. I was so scared that day, looking ahead to life in a wheelchair, giving up all independence, and being such a tremendous burden to my family. All of that happened, and there is no way to sugarcoat how difficult it has been for me, and all those close to me. But the weird part is, how much joy I have experienced as well on this roller coaster ride.


Help needed with husband who's given up

Fear of als

hello I am a 22 year old male I started having body twitches a few  months ago all over I told my doctor and she dismissed it as being normal due to stress, and that it was common. I ignored the twitches until recently my left leg and specifically the thigh area has been feeling odd and has been giving a cramping pain especially when I walk. I believe my strength is still there. I have found so many contradictions online about als so advice would be great. I am aware I have health anxiety this is an issue I'm am trying to deal with but it doesn't help that I worry about this.

The Monster in our Family

The monster in our family started several years and generations ago. We have lost several family members to ALS. On May 5th 1989, ALS took my Dad. He was 37. Six weeks later, it took my Dad's 1st cousin. He was only 29. After 28 years, the monster has reared it's ugly head in our family once again. I have a cousin, she's 33 has a baby that will be 1 in November. It's so completely not fair. Our family has been a subject of studies in Boston with Dr. Brown. I guess I finally decided to blog so that I can make friends, find support to help my cousin fight this battle.