Anyone else diagnosed with Brachial Amyotrophic Diplegia?

Recently (11/9/17) diagnosed with B.A.D. Symptoms since January of 2016. Had emg July of 2016 indicating multiple issues with left arm and neuro raised the prospect of ALS, However, mri at same time reflected cervical issues that might be cause. Two cervical surgeries this year with only worsening of condition. Left arm/hand almost gone and right arm/hand following same pattern. Sent to U.T. Southwestern Medical Center Motor Neuron Clinic in Dallas. Emg ncv indicated severe damage in left arm, moderate in back and mild in leg. Dx on 11/9/17 was B.A.D. Can find very little on internet about this variant. See Dr again 12/18 and would appreciate any input as to questions I should be asking. 68 years old. Thanks


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I have almost a parallel experience. Problems started in early 2016. First EMG was partial and seemed to confirm MRI that problems were cervical. I had a three level cervical spine fusion in March 2017 and problems were immediately worse (went from mostly left side involvement to bilateral). Final diagnosis of ALS BAD in February 2018. I am 69 yo. Lets compare notes with how treatment is suggested.

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