Fearful of ALS

For the past almost year I have been constantly viewing forums regarding ALS and thought it was my time to get some advise about my symptoms. Fist off let me share that last January 2017, my 33 year old brother was diagnosed with ALS. It was an extremely difficult and unexpected blow to my family as it does not run in our genes. My brother and I live together so I was very involved in his diagnosis process and experiencing his greif with him. Anyways, about two months after his diagnosis (March 30th 2017 to be exact)I awoke with my left baby toe twitching away. I didn't think anything really of it until the next night it was twitching all though my left arch of my foot and the following night to my left and right calf until a week later I was twitching body wide constantly. Of course seeing that his started with fasciculation's in the left pinky I started to get concerned, concerned turned to worry and worry went into full blown anxiety. I went to my PCP and they did a routine test as well as a neurology referral. She noted that I was body wide hyerflexive which didn't help my anxiety. I also noted after several weeks of fasciculation's which was primarily in my left foot that my arch began to atrophy. I finally made it to the Neurologist in May of 2016 and he did an emg which he noted the fasiculations but other then that it was clean. He saw minor atrophy of the foot arch as well as the ankle but said I had no clinical weakness. He said to follow up on three months but half way though that time I contacted him concerned as the arch of my foot was continuing to waste. He had me come back in and did the needle emg on just that muscle in the foot and again noted fascilations but nothing else. He told me he was convinced it was not ALS. He ordered an Brain MRI which came back normal and basically discharged me with BFS in August, 5 months after the symptoms started. From Septemebmer-Decemeber I didn't note much change except the constant fasicultions but heck I have BFS so started living again and enjoying life not fearful of this disease. However, something has changed. I am not sure if it is watching my brother deteriorate or what but I started becoming concerned again. My Abductor Hallucis muscle has almost completely wasted and my fasiculatuions have moved the center of the arch as well the fatty pads of the foot and up into my ankle. My legs feel week and im perceiving that Im starting foot drop on the left side. I am still able to stand on my tippy toes and flex my toes upward. I talk with my brother about these symptoms but he has been telling me this whole time that I am crazy. I have a repeat EMG in two weeks but the anxiety has taken over to where it is hard to focus on anything else. Can anyone else relate or share any other experience? Thank you friends!

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