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ALSforums is an online support group that provides answers, tips, friendship, care and support to people affected by motor neuron disease, including, but not limited to ALS, PLS, PMA, PBP or any MND related disease.

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Welcome to the ALS support and help forum,

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The ALS support forum is an all-volunteer driven resource provided free of charge to help anyone directly or indirectly affected by ALS and MND (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). We help individuals get support with ALS, as well as providing ALS caregiver support, and people affected by ALS with help, questions and answers, and private discussions; all under one roof.

The ALS support and MND help forums are here for individuals like yourself - people impacted by ALS and MND (motor neuron disease), whether you're a caregiver, patient, friend or family member.

Our community consists of individuals working together; exchanging information, providing moral support, caregiver support and general help with ALS - together we cope with ALS, make friends, and help one another support those with ALS.

We encourage you to join our support group to ask questions, get help with ALS, and to share experiences.

Remember, you're not alone, chat about your journey with ALS with people that understand and have experience with this deadly disease.

Together we provide hope, information, support, help, and friendship. ALS support staff, individuals, mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters, patients, caregivers and friends alike.

We've already made a big difference, help us do even better, join today to get help with ALS.

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Searching for ALS information online?

Experience has shown that there are many individuals ready, willing, and actively taking advantage of people searching for information about ALS and MND. These individuals are shameless in their pursuits and often use spam e-mail tactics, or worse yet, false claims, promises of miracle cures, misleading leading information and fear tactics in order to profit from your situation.

Have something to add to our information about potential scams? Do you have a personal story to share? Please feel free to share it with us through our publicly available ALS support and help groups. Working together we can make the Internet a safer place for people affected by ALS/MND.

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ALSforum is a support group to help people deal with the daily living issues associated with ALS. The ALS forum will connect you with people that can provide answers, support and help with ALS.

We invite you to join the community.

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10-15-14  →  Bulbar question (311 views, 8 replies)
10-15-14  →  Question about leg cramping (321 views, 10 replies)
10-15-14  →  this might work when i need it (159 views, 2 replies)
10-15-14  →  VA and Other Health Insurance (220 views, 11 replies)
10-15-14  →  Champva (203 views, 15 replies)
03-31-06  →  Sporty Wheelchair? (sporty wheelchair for rough terrain)
03-31-06  →  Eric Edney and Even Better Now (important read for those affected by ALS)
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Sponsorship and thanks

A very special thank you goes out to Al Pettit (ALS forum moderator supreme). Al passed away in 2012 from ALS. It's with great joy that we know Al is watching us from above. Without Al Pettit's hardwork, kind nature, and thorough knowledge of ALS, this website would not be as important, or as helpful, as it is today.

A special thank you also goes to our web technology sponsor. benefits from non profit website design in Toronto, web development and web maintenance by the kind folks at Intrigue Design located in Toronto, Ontario. Without the generosity and sponsorship of Intrigue as well as the sponsored hosting, this P'ALS community would not be possible.

In lieu of the success of this site we've launched a similar moderated support forum in beta at Fibromyalgia Forums and Lyme Forums. Fibromyalgia Forums supports individuals with Fibromyalgia, and those that suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and chronic pain related syndromes. Lyme Forums is for individuals and groups that are affected by Lyme disease, whether family members, friends or those infected with Lyme.

Most importantly, a very big thank you to all of our heroic members and daily visitors - if only we could have met on different terms - keep up the fight!

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