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Have you found our website helpful? Do you enjoy having a place to talk to people that are knowledgeable about ALS and MND? If you have found it helpful to chat with people at different stages of the ALS/MND journey we encourage you to consider donating to our forums.

Contribute your time

If you have extra time, consider spending it involved with your local ALS Chapter or Support Groups. Also, consider the following activities:

  • Participate at a local ALS/MND event
  • Start your own fundraising event
  • Volunteer at your local ALS non profit organization
  • Research and awareness really does make a big difference!
  • Help online, consider becoming a forum moderator

Apply to become a moderator

We are always seeking knowledgeable individuals that are interested in volunteering from their homes as an ALS/MND Support Groups forum discussion moderator. It is a wonderful opportunity to share your valuable experience in degenerative motor neuron diseases. You will be helping support other families, friends, and people affected by ALS while gaining valuable internet experience - you might even make some long lasting friendships!

Please be aware, the following rules are in place for new applicants:

  • Must have 6+ months active forum experience
  • Must be approved by other moderators
  • Must not have any commercial motivations

Volunteer Description: As moderator in our support group forum you would moderate open forums, or could choose to moderate a single thread or topic. You will facilitate an open discussion on the forum topics and ensure answers are provided, users are supported, and information is accurate and concise. Your level of involvement would be up to you (the majority of moderators visit for an hour or two each week). 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer contact us.

Link to our website

If you're a blogger, website owner or have access to an online web property please take a minute to link your website to ours.  Attached to the bottom of this page are numerous logos that you can choose for your website link.  Or, simply link to:

If you choose not to use an image, appropriate link text are any of the following:

  • Online ALS Community
  • ALS/MND Support Forum

More ways to help

Here are just a few ways you can help the community