What is it?! Please help.

Hi Everyone,
This is my very first forum I have ever done. I’ve debated for quite some time now about posting so here goes nothing.

Drinking with ALS

My sister is unable to swallow liquids. She has a feeding tube. She is power wheel chair bound and is power lifted into bed. She is hosting our annual Halloween party with all of our help. She has asked to have a drink or two. We are all scared to death! This could be her last Halloween as she is progressing so quickly. Has anyone had a drink or two through the feeding tube. We try to do/give her anything she asks for but are unsure about this one. She drank socially prior to ALS and have not had a drink since. Mostly due to her progression and always trying to "catch up" with the disease.

Caring for steve

Hi, everyone. Wow, a blog!! Never thought I would be a blogger, but I am going to try it out. Put my feelings, fears, and frustrations down in print.

My husband Steve has ALS/MND he was diagnosed in January 2015. Steve just had a tracheostomy and feeding tube fitted in May 2017. Now that has certainly changed a lot of things. Some for the better (his breathing) and much more for the worst. See I feel terrible writing that, but I have to be honest or there is no point writing anything.

I would like your opinion

Hello, my name is Zach and I'm 17 years old. And for the past couple of days I have been experiencing muscle spasms in both my legs and arms now. Every time I look up muscle spasms als keeps popping up and I'm truly terrified. I know the chances are extremely low for people my age but there is still a chance and that idea terrified me. I have been concerned and I'm not very athletic I don't get outside in the sun much and I don't eat that healthy. All of my friends I have asked haven't had spasms that last this long.

Need some advice

This is my first time posting and would like some advice. I am terrified right now. About 5 weeks ago I noticed both legs in my hamstrings were really tight and then started feeling weak shortly after. I am able to walk and run but not as long as I was able to before. It feels like it is spreading a bit down my legs into my calves. I have since noticed twitching when I flex my ham strings. My anxiety level has been of the charts and all I can think about is I have ALS. I have been to Neuro and he told me it's probably anxiety.

Do my symptoms sound like ALS?

Hello everyone. About 9 years ago my aunt was diagnosed with ALS and passed away about 1.5 years after her diagnosis. As far as I know she is the only person in the family who has had ALS. However my great grandmother died from an unknown cause and it was suggested by my Aunt that she probably had ALS as well, which has got me worried that it might be familial although no one else in the family has gotten it thus far.

Benign cramp fasciculation syndrome?

Hello,I'm new to this site and have read forums from you guys and wld like yalls opinion. My dr in houston baylor college of medicine diagnosed me with benign cramp fasciculation syndrome, never heard of it much and I'm wondering if they'res just saying that Bc I dont show signs of upper or lower motor neurons. Im 36 years old now, I've had fasciculations for over a year now and my emg just shows fasciculations but my feet and hands cramp up sometimes. My arms sometimes do also. Ive been really scared and it's affecting my marriage and my daily life Bc in my mind I feel I have als.

Hello, could someone please help me, I'm new to all of this.

Hello, I wanted to ask a few questions, I have worked out for years, awhile back my left bicep started twitching, mind you I worked out hard I sweat alot and I never really ate much or hydrated properly, well when I went to the academy for being a correctional officer, my arm never twitched and that was 6 weeks but I still worked out the same, so when I came back home the twitching started back and it wouldn't stop, well recently I went to the ER a month ago for elevated heart rate and during that time I couldn't work out so I lost alot of weight, well now I notice that the arm I twitch in