What is it?! Please help.

Hi Everyone,
This is my very first forum I have ever done. I’ve debated for quite some time now about posting so here goes nothing.
I’m a 33year old female. I have 3 small children. I know something is going on with my system but I don’t know what. Last spring I got massive head fog and body twitches. I loaded up on electrolytes and the twitching subsided. Then this summer I started getting chest and nerve pain down my arm. I also need to add that I’m a runner. I was training for a marathon and a week after my 18miles run the twitching came back. I became extremely fatigued and was twitching all over. I also started having to swallow a lot. I felt like my body was attacking itself. I became terrified and so anxious.
Fast fwd to now I’m still getting body wide twitching and head fog. I don’t get cramps but my muscles burn and I get sharp shooting pain...I think it’s nerve pain. My quads felt so weak after my last run and they have been burning/tingling since yesterday. I have not fallen or dropped things but the excess saliva has come back. I am not slurring though. Does this sound like ALS? I am so scared that I may have something seriously wrong with me. All I can think about is my husband and 3 kids.
I do feel like I need to fill you in on a little of my history. I have been taking Tegretol (epilepsy) since I was a teenager and this last year was diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders and last week was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’ve had a rash under both armpits since July and a reoccurring rash on my neck for almost two years. My neurologist doesn’t think I have ALS but autoimmune and my Rhuematologist thinks it’s more related to Tegretol or an autoimmune issue. I only saw him once and will see him next month to go over the blood work he had me do. I will be switching my seizure meds in hopes it will relieve some of my symptoms. As of now, not one doctor thinks I have it but my neurologist set me up to get EMG testing done “for peace of mind”.
Basically, I am so scared. I am having terrible anxiety and depression over all these symptoms. I have no idea what tomorrow has in store for me so I make sure to race around with my kids and dance when they want to dance. Something is off, I don’t know what so I thought I would turn to you and ask you opinion. Any thoughts would be so appreciated.
Thank you for reading this.

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