Help needed with husband who's given up

Fear of als

hello I am a 22 year old male I started having body twitches a few  months ago all over I told my doctor and she dismissed it as being normal due to stress, and that it was common. I ignored the twitches until recently my left leg and specifically the thigh area has been feeling odd and has been giving a cramping pain especially when I walk. I believe my strength is still there. I have found so many contradictions online about als so advice would be great. I am aware I have health anxiety this is an issue I'm am trying to deal with but it doesn't help that I worry about this.

The Monster in our Family

The monster in our family started several years and generations ago. We have lost several family members to ALS. On May 5th 1989, ALS took my Dad. He was 37. Six weeks later, it took my Dad's 1st cousin. He was only 29. After 28 years, the monster has reared it's ugly head in our family once again. I have a cousin, she's 33 has a baby that will be 1 in November. It's so completely not fair. Our family has been a subject of studies in Boston with Dr. Brown. I guess I finally decided to blog so that I can make friends, find support to help my cousin fight this battle.

Reflection on My life

Im seeing a neuro on Saturday. I am scared. But i feel hopeful. I have to. I am a worrier by nature. I worry about this and that and i stresa myself Massively. And thats Not Good.

Convinced I have ALS

Hi my name is Ashley I'm a 26 year old registered nurse. I'm sorry I'm not quite sure how to navigate this site yet. About 3 months ago I started having sensory symptoms and was concerned about MS. Had a clean brain MRI and let it go and trusted my neuro. Starting the end of September my first symptom that worried me was a feeling of heaviness in my right arm and now my right leg that has only gotten worse over the weeks.

caring for my mom with als struggles

My mom was diagnosed with als in jan Jan 202014.she got her trac in Feb and went to nursing home till October. In there she lost all use if her legs and the atrafined. I took her home in october 2014 .I work full time and had a nursing company for 2 years and went through many nurses.some I found yelling at her nd holding her arms down.i got a camera in her room now to I have issues with them sleeping most of the day.well after complaining they quit on me I stead of watching the videos.

Daughter struggling with father's ALS

My dad was diagnosed with ALS about a year ago while I was living in out East and they were in the Midwest. I moved home to be close to family, help my mother (as she is helping with my dad and brother with Cerebral Palsy), and spend time with my dad while he was still in good health, or as good as can be. Now that I'm home, I have severely struggled as his condition and it's progression is much more obvious to me whereas living away from home I was more separated from the reality.