My husband was diagnosed with ALS 2 years ago.  He can no longer stand and has lost most of his hands/arms function.  He can still talk and eat, which we are very thankful for.  He uses a Bi-Pap when lying in bed.  He has a Permobil power chair and we have a Hoyer lift, that I use to transfer him.  We use a full body sling with a commode cutout.  We have a hospital bed.   I am his primary caregiver.

We live in Seattle, WA, and have tried (unsuccessfully) to have an overnight getaway.  I just can't seem to get him out of hotel beds, even with the lift.  We end up using hotel staff to help. He then panics and wants to go home.  Has anyone successfully been able to travel?  We went on a Alaska cruise in September (when he could still stand a bit) and that worked out ok.  We're going to try for another one in May, but now am afraid it won't work.  We do rent a hospital bed for cruises.  Suggestions?

Also, is there someone in the Seattle area that we be willing to talk with me?   To help with questions?

Thank you.


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Hi Naezee, you might like to try posting in the discussion forums in order to get more feedback from other people.

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I am feeling bad to know about the incidence which done to your husband. I am worried for you and  for your husband. I am going for day trips from san francisco with my friends. It is a cool trip with friends. I suggest to take this trip with your husband I am sure he  will feel good.

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Hi! My dad was diagnosed with ALS about a year ago, and it's saddened me because he seemed game to travel around at first but now I think he thinks it's too much trouble. I'm sorry that I won't have any good advice, since we are just now getting into the wheel chair progressions, but it'd be nice to talk with someone also trying to figure out how to travel!

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Travel is really a nice hobby and I am a fan of this because through this we can see lots of places nad have fun. I am just back after taking niagara falls bus tour.

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