Pls and baclofen pump

Happy new year

To all!

I am a new member,a 50 year old Greek lawyer, married mother of two boys 16 and 19 years old.

My problems started approximately three years back when I felt my legs heavy going up the stairs.A year later I realized the problem focused on my left foot which was weaker and unstable. Beginning of year '16 my gait was leading to frequent falls and I experienced certain dysarthria incidents.Beginning of this new year my gait is seriously compromised and I use a cane,the spasticity and stiffness on left side leg and hand, is more obvious and during my sleep gives me serious pain My speech is completely slurred and non existent.
The diagnosis both here in Greece and Boston,USA, lies between PLS(primary lateral sclerosis)-which is a condition diagnosed for my father at age 76 who only developed spasticity on the legs and is still walking using a cane at age 85 - and atypical HSP(hereditary spastic paraplegia) since PLS is not reported as a hereditary condition.

A Greek doctor suggested I have the intrathecal baclofen pump as he claims it could possibly help spasticity also on the speech area.Please advise accordingly to your experiences.

Thank you,

Greek M


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Hi there Mr Greek
I have been diagnosed a month ago, PLS, it is - I was given a prescription by my neurologist, Baclofen, 1/2 pill twice daily for a week then one pill twice daily. I just started yesterday. Feel absolutely no effect (except a tiny side sleepiness, not really bad though..)
Since this seems to be a regimen of pills, how soon should I feel any effect of it, and in what form? Will I be less stiff? Walk faster,l easier.? Less balancing acts? My doc will see me in a month for my first follow-up, but I thought it would be helpful to talk with someone with the same curse..
Looking forward to reading your response
truly and newly PLS'd -
( I am a high school Drama teacher, director and also a language (ESL) teacher in Montreal, Quebec..

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