Is it ALS,MS or Generalized Anxiety disorder?

Hello everyone, This is Ismail here. I am 28 year old musician. I started having weird symptoms around one year ago, like nystagmus(i did have minor strabismus before. Started having problems with my speech which would aggerivate when under influence of cannabis.Then about 5 months ago this fatigue started which still hasnt gone away(i was very hyper individual by the way) it was then accompanied by weakness in my right shoulder and arm. My right side of back had discomfrt and weakness aswell. Then there was about 6 inches burning sensitive patch on my lower back right side starting right from spine towards other side which disappeard in a week. After a month it started on upper back and disappeard after week. Then started the twitches arnd my body especially right side. My eyelid,near mouth,twice in hips and calf muscle. I started freaking out. I had mri of brain,cervical spine, lumbar spine. There was nothing on it. Then emg of my right side, it was normal too. The doctor then put me on antidepressants(ssri) saying it might be from my drugs history.
I partied for one year since oct 2015 and used mdma(amphetamine) at parties every month and used to over dose on it.
My right side stil bothers me, the arm and shoulder feels heavy and weak and so does my leg. Could it be ALS or MS in initial stages? I am going through such a hard time. Please help me out anyone

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