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We're always keeping ALS forums updated with new features, systems and upgrades.  Keep up-to-date with all of our changes on this page.

Announcing a new forum

BFS Forum

In order to give a home to those people affected by Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (BFS), we will be launching a BFS Forum.

BFS forum is a community and support forum for people suffering from BFS (Benign Fasciculation Syndrome) and for those who suffer from twitching, tremors, anxiety, and other related syndromes and sicknesses related to BFS and BFS related symptoms.

The community is being transitioned to be completely public facing - allowing access to all those affected by BFS, twitching, tremors, and related BFS symptoms.

We've made updates and improvements

As always, we've been hard at work improving our forum.  The recent changes are aimed at usability and performance. 

Here are the highlights.


New features added to the website

Updates made

We've recently squashed some bugs and made some improvements to our beloved community.

The biggest fix to the community was improving and automating user upgrades as follows:

ALS Forum Updates and Future Plans


With renewed vision and energy, ALS Forums is undergoing major changes this year.  Our aim is to revamp the website to be more engaging and user friendly.  In preparation of upcoming changes a recent system wide update was completed.  As a result of this update there was some downtime last evening for approximately 5 hours.

Really need help I’m in a dark hole and confused and scared.

Hello my Name is John and I can really use som help and guidance, I’ve never been in such a hole in my life. A week and a half ago Thursday I noticed this twitch in the bottom of my lip and for the most part would not go away. It started to get stressed out about it googling symptoms and what not. Then Monday rolled around and I started to get twitches and soreness everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE hands,feet,arms,legs, neck ,back chest, side everywhere little suddle twitches you can see and feel. I already suffer from debilitating anxiety and hypochondriac.

Conditions that mimic MND

I wasn’t sure if I am allowed to comment on threads that look specially designed for PALS or CALS, but wanted to share this article.

I have seen discussions around possible conditions that ‘mimic’ a motor neurone issue and have also seen recommendations that people should seek at least 1 other independent expert to confirm diagnosis.

This article is living proof that mistakes can happen, even in a first world nation like The UK which has an excellent health system.

Top 4 changes and the reasons they empower members

ALS Forums Responsive v2.0

You might have noticed recently that the website has undergone many changes. It looks different, works a little different, and perhaps you're curious why.  

In this post we'll cover all the changes to the website and the reasons behind the changes.

ALSforums Gets Responsive

ALSforums Responsive Examples (iPhone + Mac Book)

We've launched a brand new website design and theme for both the front-end of our website and back-end.

The new theme will enable all visitors to enjoy our website from smart phones, small screened devices, tablets and desktops. The theme will respond appropriately to each device and provide a well balanced viewing and browsing experience.

Our hope is that the new responsive layout will enable individuals from all devices to enjoy our community without the impediment of hard to read text, small fonts, and other limiting factors.


Looking to the future by glancing into the past

In building a new website I came across a news posting from December of 2006. The post shares with everyone our excitement at the growth of the forum.  Looking back almost 10 years, who would have thought that growth would have continued and finally, plateaued.  

You can read the article here: Happy Holidays - New Year, New People, New Hope (December 27th, 2006)

Here are some general statistics, we hope to see these grow next year: