Looking to the future by glancing into the past

In building a new website I came across a news posting from December of 2006. The post shares with everyone our excitement at the growth of the forum.  Looking back almost 10 years, who would have thought that growth would have continued and finally, plateaued.  

You can read the article here: Happy Holidays - New Year, New People, New Hope (December 27th, 2006)

Here are some general statistics, we hope to see these grow next year:

- 10,000+ visits per month
- 1,400+ members
- 60-100 new members each month
- 860+ visitors per day
- 25,000+ page views per month

Things have really grown in ten years.  Currently, the statistics look as follows:

- 100,000 visits per month
- 28,000 members
- 300-400 new members each month
- 3,500 visitors per day
- 350,000+ page views per month

Moving forward we hope a new site design, responsive layout and better content offering will see us break through the current plateau we've had for the past 2-3 years.

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