Make a Donation

The ALS forum is an online service offered to all people affected by ALS.  We receive no outside funding, yet we have remained the most trusted ALS community since 2006. Our success has been made possible by the amazing effort of our members, moderators and the generosity of people like you.

How can you help?

Your help is integral to the success of the forums, your website, our website! By participating, contributing, and donating, you keep the site online and our moderators well equipped to help other PALS (People with ALS).

Please consider one of the following ways to give:

  1. Make a Donation Today
  2. Donate using Cryptocurrency (Digital Currency)
  3. Donate Accessibility Equipment (please contact us)
  4. Donate Equipment For Review
    1. Provide equipment for review
    2. Have our moderators benchmark your equipment
    3. Have a full write-up about your product on our website
    4. Please contact us for more information
  5. Purchase a link on our website:
    1. For a set fee purchase a permanent link on our website
    2. Links are available for 6 months, 1 year, and 2 year periods
    3. Please contact us for more information

Are donations required?

Donations are not required nor mandatory, and never will be. However, contributions are needed to ensure our community is able to provide the best possible service to each and every member.

This service is much needed, and many of you are very thankful that it is offered - we hear rave reviews weekly, and now we ask you to give back! (only if you can)


These forums are a reality because of the dedication and availability of our moderators. Your generous donations make all of this possible.

How do contributions help?

Equipment contributions are provided directly to forum moderators, and if not required by our moderators, directly to a PALS in need (forum members get first priority).

100% of equipment is provided directly to our moderators and members “most in need”.

Any additional equipment (if any), will be provided to local charitable organizations.

What do ALS forums moderators need?

Our dedicated and compassionate moderators require equipment such as special keyboards, mice, chairs and other assistance aids built for individuals with limited mobility.