ALS Forum Updates and Future Plans


With renewed vision and energy, ALS Forums is undergoing major changes this year.  Our aim is to revamp the website to be more engaging and user friendly.  In preparation of upcoming changes a recent system wide update was completed.  As a result of this update there was some downtime last evening for approximately 5 hours.

Moving forward, we have many more exciting changes planned.  We will be moving away from our current forum software for a more stable and current release from a new provider.  This project is currently underway and more information will be available when it's complete.

The following forum updates were completed this week:

  • Update to PHP-FPM (website should be running noticeably faster)
  • Site updated to PHP 7.1x (lost some features: thread tagging, thread closing, embedded videos)
  • Software updated to latest stable and secure release (vb 3.8.11)
  • Server moved to a new VPS
  • DNS moved to a premium DNS provider

The update did mean having to lose the following features:

  • Embedded videos and similar removed - videos are now simple outbound links to YouTube (you can't watch the videos on site)
  • Threads are no longer automatically close after 30 days of inactivity
  • Google ReCaptcha v2, used at registration was removed (probably will lead to lots more bot registrations but can't be helped at the moment)

The biggest update from a website perspective was the removal of "friendly URL's". The site no longer uses /forum/friendly-post-title-here.html, and instead reverts back to the original /forum/showthread.php?t=123456 style formatting. This allowed us to remove the woefully unsecure page rewriting module and will assist in our transition to new forum software.

All page redirects were setup so links from other websites, bookmarks, and search engine links to forum posts should redirect properly and find the matching content on our website.  Some may not, but such is life.

If you have any questions or comments please take a moment to Contact Us.

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Lenore's picture

I am now locked out of my account completely. I cannot get another password for Lkaibel. The new software does not recognize me at all. I have a feeling not everyone is experiencing this, because when I look at a public, non signed in forum view I see new posts from others. It will be weird if I have to abandon my account and rejoin under another user name, but do be it.
David's picture

I will contact you directly by email and help you resolve this issue. I've checked and your account is still on the server so we'll get this fixed for you.