Really need help I’m in a dark hole and confused and scared.

Hello my Name is John and I can really use som help and guidance, I’ve never been in such a hole in my life. A week and a half ago Thursday I noticed this twitch in the bottom of my lip and for the most part would not go away. It started to get stressed out about it googling symptoms and what not. Then Monday rolled around and I started to get twitches and soreness everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE hands,feet,arms,legs, neck ,back chest, side everywhere little suddle twitches you can see and feel. I already suffer from debilitating anxiety and hypochondriac.

So at this point I’m like going to the neurologist Which I did, he did the physical exam and said everything was fine and I told him my symptoms, twitching and soreness that’s it. He scheduled to do a EMG I. Three weeks but I’m like I don’t think I can wait that long I’m going crazy shaking from being so scared not eating not sleeping, my Girlfreind is getting really upset and Deos not understand because she thinks I’m fine. Please somebody out there please help me.

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