Conditions that mimic MND

I wasn’t sure if I am allowed to comment on threads that look specially designed for PALS or CALS, but wanted to share this article.

I have seen discussions around possible conditions that ‘mimic’ a motor neurone issue and have also seen recommendations that people should seek at least 1 other independent expert to confirm diagnosis.

This article is living proof that mistakes can happen, even in a first world nation like The UK which has an excellent health system.

Feel free to put this on whatever section of the site you think is necessary or indeed don’t put it up at all if it’s of no consequence. That’s absolutely fine.

Finally, I also read that some PALS might be visiting Glasgow for the annual MND conference. I live literally a short walk from the exhibition centre. If I can support anyone or be of any use to anyone who is visiting then please let me know, even if anyone would like to go for a drink or a coffee, the first round would certainly be on me! Neil

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