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Mar 14, 2007
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My husband has MND, only lower motor neuron signs at this point. Lately, I've noticed that at the end of the day, on the way home from work when he calls, his speech seems a bit slurred and "all together", like he's had a drink or two... he hasn't had any problems with swallowing that I'm aware of. I can't even say that I've seen him choke on food during dinner.

I wonder if I'm looking for things, I've only noticed this twice in the past few weeks, or if it could possibly be the start to some bulbar involvement. My question is, could it start out subtle like this? Is it worse because he's tired? I guess that would make sense, cause when he overuses his arm, then it craps out on him and he can't use it at all for a while. :?

Thanks for your comments/thoughts/suggestions.
That is how it started with my husband. He would call me on the way home from work and he sounded like he'd been drinking. One of his customers even called his boss saying he thought he was drunk. Thank goodness he'd been working for that company for a long time and they knew better. He was in sales and finally had to call it quits last month because his coworkers and customers found it hard to understand what he was saying. Now during the evening I have to have him repeat himself and he doesn't realize how slurred his speech is. The more exhausted he is the worse his speech and saliva output becomes. I know this isn't pleasant, but nothing is with this disease- but you may want to watch for secretions gathering at the corners of his mouth, as this interferes with the speech. Others have suggested Elavil to dry the secretions and I know it does help. He needs to be careful about chewing if he has bulbar symptoms, as he can become easily choked. My husband had to be hospitalized last year because he couldn't swallow.

Just be on the look out for signs. It is better to be prepared, but try not to get overly anxious.

The people on this forum have been very informative for me.

Also, you may want to consult with the speech pathologist at your ALS clinic for suggestions.
Thanks for your response Jimercat. I'm going to start watching him more closely. He got choked up on drink last night, but again, I may be looking for things...
A lot of folks say their symptoms are worse if they are tired or stressed. Not sure why this is, except that weakened muscles have a harder time keeping up, I suppose. Cindy
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