1. S

    Bulbar onset worries

    I am worried about Bulbar onset. In the last 6 weeks, I have had difficulty catching a full breath. I also have stiffness in my collarbone and shoulder areas. My swallowing is progressively more difficult and I have a weird feeling in roof of throat toward back. Overall upper body stiffness...
  2. Colleen15

    Bulbar onset - phlegm

    Bulbar onset, diagnosed March 2023. I Had a huge issue choking on phlegm today, after drinking tomato juice. Could not breath. What foods are best to avoid? And medications to reduce phlegm? Thank you.
  3. N

    Update on New EMG Performed [Should I request a 2nd one on Bulbar Muscles?]

    Hello everyone, I had an EMG performed on Wednesday. The muscles tested: Hamstring Calf Muscle Thigh Some Hip Muscle (I forget the name) Anterior Deltoid Tricep Flexor Digitorum in my Hand Upper Trapezius Some muscle right around my Thoracic Spine (I forget the name) The EMG ostensibly came...
  4. Colleen15

    Bulbar onset & the rest of my body

    Hi, Bulbar onset ALS diagnosed March 2023. Speech is horrible & eating very slow. Age 67. How long have people gone still able to walk, dress themselves, bath, feed themselves, ie. Be self sufficient at home ? Thank you.
  5. Tomswife

    Peg tube placement - inside out.

    Tom is scheduled for his PEG tube November 23. Because he has bulbar weakness he cannot recline more than 60 degrees. Therefore the typical way the tube is placed "outside in " will not be used. His procedure will be done at the Center for Digestive Disease. He will be placed under general...
  6. B

    Is this nasal regurgitation

    Very sorry to disturb You guys again. A scary new symptom arrived. For last three weeks whenever I eat or drink my back of nose become heavy. Whenever i eat rice or any fragmented food (like puffed rice) some small pieces comes in nose. when I blow nose that comes out. Is it nasal...
  7. jethro

    Question to bulbar pals

    i'm still fighting. started with a limb onset, spread all over my body, but took only my right foot. by now. maybe my lungs are weaker. it started in oct. 2018. with bulbar - i lost taste completely, continued to cough. it was not having any problems with breath by then, and my cough progressed...
  8. D

    Wholeheartedly Believe It's Bulbar Onset

    Hi All, I sincerely apologise for coming on here again. (Last here in 2012). I just wanted to put my thoughts down into words due to the worry it is causing. Firstly I’m a 34 year old male who is very overweight and leads a very sedentary lifestyle I have had a large variety of symptoms which...
  9. A

    Terrified of bulbar

    First I would like to thank everyone in this community that is being very supportive because I know your time is very valuable. I am a 25 year old male. It has been an ongoing battle with my mind for the past five years because ever since I turned 20 I would have twitches all over my body...
  10. I

    Very Fast Progression

    I was originally diagnosed with progressive bulbar palsy in January of 2018. At that time we were told that there was an excellent possibility of having several years before things really became troublesome. In April 2018 I had a PEG put in and speaking was no longer a possibility. My legs...