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Dec 12, 2006
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I hope someone can help me. I am getting bad cramping in my back, and in my buttocks, where I lost a lot of muscle mass. If I sit down for more than about hour, my butt really hurts. Has anyone found a cushion or anything else that would help? Both get better if I stand, but I am not able to do that all day long!

Laying in bed, is causing my back pain, and I try and stay out of it as much as I can, but you have to go to bed, sooner or later. Is there any special bed, or anything I could do while I am in bed, so I would not cramp and be in so much pain? Over the counter pain meds don't help.


Hey Conrad. Have you seen the egg crate mattress covers made of foam? Mine is about 2 1/2 inches thick and helps with the pain in my hips and shoulders while lying down. They're only about $50 for a hospital bed size. My wife thought it was so comfortable that she got one for her bed.
My wheel chair has a gel foam cushion and it is pretty comfortable. If you go to the sites selling chairs they have all sorts of them. You should be able to find something to fit the chair you use most.
Hi Conrad,

I am completely paralyzed from the neck down, so I spend about 12 hour a day in my wheelchair, and 12 hours in my hospital bed. For the chair I use a Roho cushion. This is an air filled cushion with many cells (fingers) that stick up to support your weight. The air pressure equalizes between the cells, allowing your butt to sink in deeper than your legs. This results in your weight being distributed evenly across the cushion. No pressure points. For the bed I use a 4" Temperpedic mattress topper. This also causes no pressure points. It is important to me because I can't move in bed. I bought my topper on-line. You can find them by typing "memory foam mattress topper" into your search engine.

Yeah "Memory Foam". My dad had a square chunk of it that he would take around with him and put under him on chairs.
Like the inside of a seat cushion, but a bit denser and it would mould around whatever squished into it. Fun stuff to play with.... sink your fingers into it, then it would slowly return to it's original shape.

I am surprised. No comments about the fingers under your butt. I thought I would get you with that one.

Hi Conrad,

My Mom used an egg crate mattress cover made of foam on her bed and I made her a cushion from the same stuff for her wheelchair seat. It seemed to work for her.

I hope this helps a little.

Take care,

Vancouver, BC
We bought a Sleep Comfort bed that had a massager in it. It worked wonderfully for my husband because he was unable to move at all on his own but was able to change his positions easily with the remote. The massager helped to keep his skin intact as well.

My husband has the same Roho cushion as Mike, and our insurance provided an air mattress for his hospital bed that has been wonderful. My husband has severe back issues. The minute we got this mattress, his back stopped hurting. It is filled with air, similar to the seat cushion mike uses, and has three knobs that adjust the level of air that goes into the head, the middle and the feet, so he (using his caregivers) can adjust the air throughout the day as needed. Hope you find the relief you need! Blessings, Teej
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hello all,

i spend anywhere from 30 min. to over an hour each time i get on the computer to come to this forum. i am 'computer challenged'; therefore i am unable to always find answers to my posts.

i would ask that if any member or moderator wants to share a thought or message with me, please make it a private message that will come straight to my e-mail address, this way i can be sure i receive it.

thanks all,

Thanks Al, Mike, emjoi and Sonia. Al, I don't know what this forum would do without you. You are not only helpful, but are so funny, you can make me feel like I did before all this started.

But now I have to decide if I should go with an egg crate mattress cover, or the Temperpedic mattress cover. I sleep on my side, but wake up on my back. Would that make a difference in the choice I make?

I am going to buy the Roho cushion, and the gel foam cushion. I want to find out what is the best, so the only way to find out is to try both. I used to be a bike racer, and I know how much the gel seats helped my butt from hurting on my 80 to 125 mile rides. You know, I think one of things I miss the most, is that I can't ride my bike anymore. When I was still able to drive, I took my digital camera, and drove the routes (some with steep 20 degree grades), and took pictures of my favorite spots. I printed the photos out, and when I look at them, then I dream that I am riding my bicycle.

Hey Mike. I totally missed that one. It's been so darn cold up here the last week I must have brain freeze. It's been down around 0 F. That's cool even for here.

Conrad. Is there a large drug store that stocks medical supplies near you? Up here we have Shoppers Home Health Care and they have samples of a lot of the cushions and even the mattresses. Check the phone book for your area under medical supplies or the net and you might find a place to test drive the stuff.
Wow! It is about 50 here. I don't even know what 0 feels like.

Hi Al

Hi Al , We've finally had a freeze last 3 days. Wind chills were below 0 yesterday. Suppose to go to 30's tomorrow. We were liking that 60 degree weather we were having. Don't like this cold! Brrrrrrrrr.y Best to all, Beebe
Hey Liz- you're over near Buffalo, right? Are you guys getting dumped on with snow? Stay warm and take care, Cindy
Hi Conrad,

I was thinking about your Temperpedic vs. egg crate dilemma. As long as you can still turn in bed, I think the egg crate is a better choice. I also started with one of these. The memory foam tends to mold to your body. This is good for relieving pressure points, but makes it more difficult to move.

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