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  • Hi Jen. Its nice to meet you too! Thank you for friending me, and Happy New Year!
    Hi Jen,
    Hope you had a nice Christmas. Dad was over to my house for Christmas Eve. We had a nice relaxing dinner and then visited while the kids opened some gifts. Dad seemed to really enjoy watching the kids get so excited with everything. I'm working today (Christmas) and it is really slow on the phone for a change. Brian got me a bottle of wine so you and Rog stop by for a glass. It will last me a long time since I hardly ever drink. Take care, Kim
    Hi Jen,
    Thinking of my friends from afar this morning,
    Dropping in to say Hi..
    Hope everyone's okay..
    Love all round..Mair xx
    Are you feeling any better Jen with your cold? My dad was able to get out and attend our youngest son's school Christmas program yesterday at his school. Eric was so glad to see him there. We are anxiously waiting for the contractors to come and build my dad's wheelchair ramp. They came and measured over a week ago but are taking for ever. Going to have to give them another call. We have to pick dad up now just to get him down his few steps to his house. Take care, Kim
    Hi Jen,
    How are things going for you? My dad is home for awhile but is now dehydrated and had to go to the ER today for IV'S. He got sick the night he got home with vomitting and diarhea. Don't know if he had food poisoning or the flu. Hope you're having a good week. Hugs, Kim
    Hi Jen, thanks for all the traveling info. I will try to get it all under control before we leave. so much to think about. I will definitely do the facebook thing. I see all this talk about how the forum has changed. Guess I haven't been on enough to understand what happened. Can you explain a little about that? I do miss Brooksea. She seems so genuine. I will check on FB and maybe you can hook me up with the cals group. My husband so weak. Sleeps alot. Not eating much. feeding tube will be next for him. so hard to watch the deterioration. I will check for you on facebook. thanks. My name is Pamela Bear Carr on FB.
    Hi Jen,
    Wishing you and Roger a Happy Thanksgiving. How are things going for you? My dad is coming home a week after tomorrow. We aren't sure how long he will stay yet. It depends on his progression and where we think he'll get the most help. I haven't seen him since Labor day so I can't wait to see him. But part of me is scared too of what I'm going to see. I get alot of anxiety after I read a post in which one of the Pals have passed away. Take care, Kim
    Jen, want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving and let you know that I'm thinking of you.
    Hi Jen,
    I've just booted up the laptop...I had a nice day...All my 4 kids plus 2 hubbies and 3 and a bit grandkids squeezed in with me, the 2 dogs and Clive and all his paraphenalia in our elastic living room.. :) :) :)
    He couldn't wait for them to go but we all didn't let that spoil it...we had a Thornton's Triple chocolate celebration cake and I got some left for supper..and maybe breakfast LOL indeed...look out gallstones!!
    Been spoilt with a Kindle, a pair of boots, flowers and money and lots of cards and messages..
    Back to Clive-ville tomorrow wth hosp consultant and nurse to do his adv dir, and OT in the afternoon for manual handling assessment, he's going to love all that.. :)
    We get a social worker at some point soon too to work up a care package, maybe that be this week, hope so, or I be on the phone...again!
    Mair x
    I am having a good weekend and off tomorrow, too. It is nice to have several days off and away from work. I'm trying to use this time to do housekeeping before Thanksgiving. Jim had his clinic day last Friday. Right leg is lot weaker and hands. His lungs are still good. While sitting there, I was watching and noticed a lot of visiting, laughter and friendship. I saw a lot of courage and strength from everyone. Hope this finds you and Rog good.
    Hi Jen,
    Hope your weekend is going well. Mine is going decent. I'm working and then tonite we are going to our youngest son's school where they are having a PTA Soup Fair. They have a book fair and free carnival games for the kids and a silent auction. It's nice because the kids run around in the gym and the parents can visit. Daughter has calmed down temporarily but am still going to pursue getting her checked out more. Thanks for letting me vent and caring. Kim
    Happy Sunday! Dental work is going well. It wasn't an infection, he went back in the troublesome tooth and found two nerves left in there! I'm on a third round of antibiotics 'just in case' as he was 'all over in there' and 'really opened it up' (whatever that means), but it did hurt quite a bit for a day or two. Will finish them up on nov 15. Whew.

    How often does the tube need to be changed? I didn't know they had to change those out. That's aggravating to know especially since our breathing 'stats' will continue to go down!

    How was San Diego with the whole entourage? I think that was your last trip. And did I see a note that you're planning your next one? Where to? Did you ever wade your way through all your retirement paperwork? I've been trying to get ALL my paperwork in order for my husband (especially as I have significant bulbar issues in my diagnosis and it will be difficult to navigate the systems if I can't speak).
    Hi Jen,
    Hope you two are doing okay...
    I did it, only half an hour but it's a start, I popped up the road in the sunshine and crisp fresh air to the shop/butchers and the library.
    After the week I had, I had to (see
    Happy days..Mair x
    Thinking I will retire in March. Have to be there in February to get bonus for 2012 which will be set aside for remodeling. It won't cover it but every bit helps. Glad you have another trip plan and it sounds like fun. I believe these trips are very important to Rog and Jim. The hard works fall on you but they are so grateful. I'm not on facebook at this time but will start when I retire. Take care
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