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  • Sorry to be so tardy in responding, but I forget to check for personal messages.

    If I put too much weight on the front of an F5, it tips forward...quite easily. I would get one if it I could not get an F5 paid for (which is the case for Medicare). I would consider paying the difference to upgrade to an F5, depending on just how much that was.

    Permobil makes a great wheelchair. I am in the process of getting a new F5 VS through insurance.

    I drive my PWCs harder than most and put on way more miles than some. I am hopeful the F5 requires a bit less maintenance than the C500 I currently have, but am still confident in the Permobil brand.

    Hi Mich, are you still on RCH4? I have been on it for 3 months. would like to have a chat if all possible?
    Some how the producer is able to measure the strength of the cannabinoids in the oil I use. So the stuff I use is 12.5% THC: 12.5% CBD. Hope that helps
    Possibly not hygiene, pants come off while in PWC, then hoyered to toilet, and back on after being hoyered to bed.
    I have 2-3 bathroom visit per day. Right now I'm taking the 2 Senna-S in the morning and before bed. At about noon I take Miralax with juice. I do have the sensation of having to poop before it happens. Then there are the times when I have the sensation, but nothing happens. That is frustrating. My main problem is I can't push any more so it needs to come on on its own. With the Senna-s and Miralax I have very runny stools. I don't mind though because it beats being constipated. Hope this helps. Bill
    I would have loved for Steve to get it but did as you said and did not receive a response. I am not saying its a scam what i am saying is we would love to be included. My husband is starting to progress and we are both very scared. We want to fight this battle and would do anything we could including paying what we could
    My sincerest apologies for the mistake, then. There was a "Mich5" user on that board (who I think posted under a few other names as well - Cleve5, MichOH) who had TMJ issues that closely match mine. I googled the user name and found you here and just assumed it was the same person.

    Again, my apologies for the misunderstanding!

    All the best to you,
    Hi Mich,

    I stumbled upon a very old series of posts you made on the HealthBoards forum regarding TMJ/speaking difficulties (these posts date back to late '07). If it's not too intrusive a question to ask/answer, I'm wondering if there ended up being correlation between those issues and your eventual diagnosis. Did the TMJ issue resolve at all in between '07 and the onset of your symptoms that ultimately brought you here?

    I appreciate your time & God bless,
    I see. Thanks for the help.

    I did finally hear from them and sent them the additional info they asked for. Thanks.
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