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  • Ruby, I'm so sorry. Time is your friend, though it might not feel that way right now. Little bits at a time, you'll develop your new reality. I'm still working on mine, but it is happening. I saw a grief counsellor for a long time.. almost 2 years. Now I'm working on me (including trying to get over a severe phobia of doctors so I can get my hips fixed and get mobile again!) Be good to yourself and remember that it all happens in baby steps.
    I'm doing good. Clinic visit went well. FVC was up 3% and I gained 4 pounds. Not a lot of progression. So it was a good visit.

    Hi Ruby, so good to hear from you. I can imagine how much you are hurting. I think about that alot--as hard as it is, how much harder it will be after this is over. You are a strong lady--I know you will move forward with your life as awful as that seems now. You did everything you could for your husband and that is all anyone can ask. I hope you are being kind and gentle to yourself right now and trying to get out a little.
    Just want to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year...You are an inspiration to me and so many here!
    Hi Ruby, just checking in. Hope your son is doing better...poor guy! please be extra kind to yourself too right now, we are all thinking of you and hoping for the best.
    Hi Ruby,
    I was so sorry to read about your son's accident. You are all in my prayers for sure. Kim
    Hi Ruby,
    Thinking of you. How are things going for you? My dad is staying about the same for the time being. He is still enjoying his movies on Netflix. My brother and sister get him out quite a bit. They take him out to eat, to the movies, church, and their kids sporting events. The weather was nice last week in Dallas and he sat out on his patio and actually said he got a little sunburnt on his legs. I miss him so much but am glad that he is adjusting pretty well to his new surroundings. Take care, Kim
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