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  • Ive been reading my blog, planning to print off and keep along side his photos and stuff..
    Thanks for being there and for your supportive comments..
    Im going to pop in more often..if you ever want a chat
    my email is [email protected] :)
    So glad that you are happy! You will always miss him, but for you life must go on. I am glad you have a new friend and are not letting fear hold you back.
    Of course I remember you! how are you doing? yes so many have died and so man new faces. I am still here...hard to believe. my husband is in year 8 now...

    He has continued to decline but very slowly. I think he still has some time left in him though. I am doing well, I am in the groove and got my act together! I hope everything is going well for you. would love to here some good things, I always want to know that the cals who have left have moved on and loving and living again.
    Hi Poppy,
    I saw where you popped in. How are you getting along? My dad is participating in a clinical trial. He is staying stable for the time being. I miss him terribly since he is in Texas now and I am in Illinois. I hope to go visit him the first of January. Hugs, Kim
    Hi Poppy,

    Been thinking about you. My 11 yr. old son has been told that he is a very good writer. That he writes with a voice. I told him about how much I enjoy reading your blogs. You have such a way with words. I picture everything that you write about. If you were considering a new job, you should choice writing. I hope you and the family are doing well. My mom came up to NY last week. It was the 1st time I saw her since my dad died. It was bitter sweet. Today would have been my dad's 76th b-day. I have been crying. My 8 yr. old son, woke up, gave me a hug & went back to sleep. I hope you have a lot of hugs at home. Sending you hugs from NY.
    Hi Mair,
    Thinking of you. Saw where you were going to look for a job. What kind of work do you want to do? I know it will be scary for you at first but I think you'll enjoy it once you get started. I love the people I work with at the hospital. I've been a switchboard operator for 24 years there now. Take care, Kim
    Hi Mair....thinking of you today and sending some extra love and strength from this side of the pond. XO
    Hi Mair, I was just checking in to say hi and that I am thinking of you. Hope you are doing as well as you can. I know this is such a tough t ime for you. Please stay in touch--I understand it must be hard to come on this forum now--If you want I will pm my email to you so we can stay in touch.

    take care~ barbie
    12 weeks...Wow. To me, it seems like yesterday, but years ago, at the same time. I'm so very sorry. About the job, you're going to be great. Have you ever held a job before? I was a stay at home Mom for 20 years before I ever entered the workforce. Working outside the home is so much easier than inside, and you mostly use the same skills. Outside employment is full of a bunch of cranky babies and you just do a lot of consoling, fetching and pleasing. It doesn't even matter in what area you choose to work. I'm a Certified Public Accountant for a large Oil Producer, but I could just as well be in the medical field or retail. My point is, you've already done life's hardest work, and I'm not even including your wonderful care of Clive. You already have what it takes. Now you just have to decide where your interests lie and go show them who you are and what you're made of.

    I know you can do this. I'll be praying for your strength and confidence! :)

    Have a lovely day. XO
    Hi Mair. I've been thinking about you today and wondering how your boys are doing. And you....how are you holding up? The holidays are over and all the fanfare. Are you finding a new normal?

    We've taken a definite dive. Fred became bedridden on Friday, and he slept a lot yesterday and has only waken to eat today. The FTD makes sure he never misses a meal. We went to the ALS clinic last week, while he was still up and around and the doctor told me that "There have been no changes" and he's "sorry that this isn't going faster for me." What?!? He probably attributes all of the changes to FTD as opposed to ALS, but.....What?!?

    I'm scared and lonely and sad. And I know you know.

    But I'm having happy thoughts for you, and am sending my best wishes your way.

    XO Shelly
    Hi Mair,
    How are you doing? I am currently staying at my dad's home due to some marital issues. I am hoping to return home soon. My dad is doing so-so. You never know for sure with this disease. We lucked out today and just got rain. We were originally supposed to get freezing rain but it past us up. I'm sure though its slick in spots so I'm not going out much in it. Sending you a hug, Kim
    Hi Mair. Thinking of you today, and hoping you had a nice weekend. Hoping your boys are feeling well and you are getting to the bottom of their troubles. I wish you peace and comfort. Hugs.
    I am taking a break from the forum for at least awhile. Kind of getting myself worked up about some posts on here and also getting scared reading about all the PALS passing away lately. Having trouble sleeping because I fear getting the dreaded phone call. I know you understand. I will pop back in after I clear my head for awhile. Will be keeping you and Clive in my prayers, Hugs, Kim
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