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  • So sorry to hear of your husband's death. you were a great support to him, and I wish peace for you and your family as you travel this new journey.
    Thank you Pam,

    Life is a learning experience and I am learning as I grow in this challenge. I see a problem like a blessing opportunity to show the best of us, the best of what we got. That is my inheritance to my kids.
    Hi LP, Thank you for the message!! My dad's name is Rich. He is still in the hospital, learning how to deal with the trach and feeding tube. So much to learn.
    Hi LP, My dad is doing well. he is feeling pretty good and has gone back to doing everything himself.
    Good to hear your dad is home--my is at the rehab (nursing) home for a couple of weeks as he can not go home alone. No lady friend! He is not happy at the home it is very depressing and so many of the people have dementia but he is very alert and sharp even at 85. When the release him, I told him he will have to have a caregiver for a few mnths while he recooperates. I think that he could get away with 25 hrs a week (3-4 hrs per day) just to help him out. We are also going to get meals on wheels for him so he eats better. horrible getting old!!!
    Hey Lp,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. I do feel bad for coming on these forums considering that none of my family or I have ALS, but as I said - the hypochondria and paranoia, as well as my own personal interest in medical conditions drew me here.
    Hi Lpcarr
    my dad is going to have bypass surgery on Thursday. They say he has good odds even though he is 85. I can not stress over his issues--I have enough of my own LOL. I know this is going to put more on my plate but what can you do. Hope things work out for your dad.
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