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Dec 14, 2005
:( :shock: Hi out there, I was diagnosed for sure on Nov. 2, 2005. Falling to the left off my bike several times and my left foot started dropping, my left hand less coordinated, it has progressed.
I feel my muscles remind me that I am a very fragile child of God. I have a
12 yr old son and I am almost 49. I have been through so many emotions,
fear is haunting me these days. I get so afraid of what I have read.
I have a wonderful husband and I fear for him without me. I know I am not saying anything new. I am alone lots! I want a small dog that does not shed anymore than I do. I don't know what breeds would be good for me.
Does anyone have any ideas?
We have had Shih Tzu's. If you get a good natured one ( Not from a puppy mill) they are very loving ,quiet and they don't shed much. They have hair not fur so are non allergenic to most people with dog allergies. They are nice little dogs. We have 2 border collies now. They shed and are pretty high maintainence as far as exercise is concerned but they are recognized as one of the smartest breeds. I'm not fond of poodles but supposedly they don't shed much if clipped short. Jack Russell 's can be nippy if not well trained but that can be true of most breeds. Hope this gives you some food for thought. There are lots of websites for most breeds. Get the family involved in your decision. It helps if everyone likes the same type of dog. Al.
... I think that Bijon Frise's (can't ge tthe accent in) are also hypo alergenic and don't shed. My golden retiever leaves hair all over everything (and everybody)

Good Luck
Howdy Braveheart,
We have a poodle/papillon cross, kind of looks like a shi tzu.
Have to agree with Al about the temperment of some small dogs, especially about avoiding puppy mills!

Shi tzus are very nice dogs, cute as hell! Bichons are very good too, very smart!

Hi Braveheart,

I have a Bichon and he is a wonderful little guy, he thinks he is a human, sleeps with us everynight. They are very much a lap dog. They are very content to sit beside you( or on you) and watch t.v.. our dog, George, loves to go for car rides. Great companion and a good watch dog. He couldn't hurt a flea, but the way he barks when strangers come to the door, they would never know it. Very comforting when I'm home alone. Grooming can get very expensive for this bread if you truely want them to look like a Bichon, as not many groomers know how to do a Bichon cut, just something to consider. Feel free to send me a Private message if you would like to contact me since we live in the same city. Happy doggie finding and welcome to the group, it's a great place to come when you don't know what elses to do!
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