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Jan 20, 2007
Wanted to say hello to everyone and let you know we had another family reunion with a new grandchild as we want to keep the tradition even though we lost Dick last July. I found it odd so many people in my circle have or know of someone who has als. Dick's grandfather, Dick, Dick's sister who is in an Italian club, one of the club members was just diagnosed, my best friend's cousin died at age 30, music director's mother died of it,one of the founders of Mt Bachelor ski resort, Eberhardt's dairy, new friend's mother deceased, another friend's co worker diagnosed, co-worker's best friend 's mother just diagnosed, our lunch group friend's sister died of als, the friend who recessitated Dick (his employee just passed), 20year old who works with Dick's daughter's best friend just diagnosed, another friend went to a party and someone there had it , one of my clients knows 2 people who have it, a club member just told me his best friend has it and a hospice worker here was diagnosed. Does that seem like a lot of people. I never heard of this disease until Dick was diagnosed and then all of a sudden someone knows someone etc. The ALS walk here is the 27th. I think of all of you often and I always tell people about your wonderful support and how you helped us so much. I say a prayer for all of you.
Hi Phyl. Glad to hear you're keeping busy. That does seem like a lot of people in a small area. Im guessing Bend isn't that large. We've noticed that as well about someone knowinng someone etc. Think they call it six degrees of separation or something to that effect. I think it also is getting more publicity and more people are willing to talk about it. Take care and drop in once in a while.

It is amazing how many people have it once you start talking about it to other people. Phyl, I just came back from a vacation and spent 3 days in Bend. I hit a wall physically when we got to Bend and ended up LOVING the area. It was a great place to rest and recover before continuing on our vacation. I live in California and most people here seem to be on steroids, but the people in Bend were so friendly and easy-going. We laughed about how they all seemed to be on anti-depressants (so mellow).

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