1. Tomswife

    Last weeks

    i am suggesting that the forum have some reliable, vetted resources to help members with questions about end of life. So when members need advice, point them elsewhere. It should not be the focus or role of this forum. Ie. Thats not what we're all about. I dont think it should be the...
  2. Tomswife

    How physician services are billed under Hospice

    There is a thread under the Current Caregivers - Hospice Pros and Cons. This thread is about billing. Medical care is a business. If you are in Hospice care, the services are billed under original Medicare and paid 100 percent. You don't need to be end stage of a disease to use Hospice...
  3. Tomswife

    Hospice pros and cons

    I found this resource on Hospice care. The article is well written and comprehensive. It seems the big issue is that most hospice are for-profit. Just Google zaggocare dot org pros-cons-hospice-care "Although hospices were once run by nonprofit organizations, sadly, 70% of hospice...
  4. M

    No trilogy in hospice

    The hospice org we were going to use has said that they will not support my husband’s trilogy, that they see it as a ventilator. Anyone else run into this roadblock?
  5. D

    Palliative Care

    Does pallative Care, like hospice, disqualify one from Medicare paying for certain items like a power wheelchair?
  6. chally

    Update on Hospice

    Finally got the BS cleared away and now officially in hospice care, morphine, Ativan and all what comes next Got good nurses coming in, got good aides night and day to give Beth much much needed rest. Can’t type my own texts so alot less frequent correspondence , sorry! Things have sped up...
  7. Nuts


    Matt has been gone four months, and it feels like a lifetime. On the other hand, I think I'm just now mourning what we went through. All the losses that I was unable to mourn because we were too busy trying to live--I think they are battling their way out of the box I locked them in at the time...
  8. K

    Thoughts on When to Get Hospice

    My PALS and I have decided to use hospice when the time is right. He uses a Trilogy about 17 hours a day, does not want to be trached or have a PEG. He is able to eat whatever he wants (with the help of water to wash it down), he transfers from scooter to chair/commode but anything he does is...
  9. Lkaibel

    Brian Flies Free

    I woke at 3:00 AM to give Brian his meds to find that he had passed on. I am happy for him that he is free of the body that had become his prison. It was a relief to be able to call hospice and not even have to have them come out. The University of Minnesota Bequest Program was here by 4:30 AM...
  10. D

    Trilogy in Hospice??

    I recall seeing a couple of posts saying hospice is not a possibility if one is on a BiPAP or CPAP. Is that correct.