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Aug 11, 2006
As I mentioned in a previous post, I am very recently diagnosed (a week ago) and have been coming to terms with it emotionally. As a longtime member of AA, I think I have a bit of a head start on things like acceptance, turning it over, and living one day at a time. It brings not only a sense of peace, but also a feeling of empowerment.
Positive feelings might help me survive longer, as well as being helpful to others. I want to keep those good mood chemicals flowing.
Speaking of good things, I've developed this monstrous craving for ice cream. Not only does it taste good, it's easy to eat when one's swallower isn't functioning so well. Anyone else out there with similar cravings? I think it's helping me mitigate the weight loss. I'm also craving eggs and I usually never eat eggs.
Hey - does anyone have any good smoothie recipes? I have one. Frozen mixed berries from Costco. Trader Joe's French vanilla yogurt (or any "real" yogurt). And either pomegranate juice or papaya juice. And if you want some additional protein, throw in some soft Tofu (but it does taste kind of yucky). Throw it all in a blender. Lots of berries keeps it thick.
Berries are supposed to have tons of antioxidants.
Hi Leo

:-D Strange you should mention craving eggs, that's the same with me. I can't seem to get enough of them, over medium, scrambled, with cheese, what ever just give me some eggs and I'm a happy camper. Figured I better get all I can now while I can still swallow and file it under memories not to forget later.
Great attitude about positive vibes helping. I believe in it and try my best to look on the bright side of everything. When there is rain there might be a rainbow. That is one of the reasons I use that image to remind me, also to remind me about God's promises. He will never leave us nor forsake us.
God Bless,
Big AL:-D
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hi my dietician gave me some good smoothie ideas:
1 cup sherbet (mixed berry yummy)
1/2 cup milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
blend well 422 calories 6 grams of protein

1 1/2 vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup milk
1 pack of hot chocolate mix
2 teaspoons of sugar
blend 600 calories 24 grams of protein

these are the 2 i like best

The smoothies are great but I'm surprised no one has mentioned how difficult it can be to speak when one's mouth is iced. It's almost impossible for me to carry on any sort of normal conversation while having a smoothie, milkshake or ice cream--my speech becomes too slow.

Hi Yes I'm craving ice cream but, it's just so good like mayfield blueberry cream pie. (wounderful) The only thing is that I'm gaining weight so I've got lay off. JanF Ga girl
I've been hooked on ice cream for quite a while......butterscotch.....but also have a craving for chocolate cream pies..........I mean the whole one of the threads says.........keep up the weight and enjoy while we can...........this is not the time to be thinking of fat and cholesteral...............LOL.........Keep up the battle ppl..........who says we cannot have fun...........Have a nice Day!
I'm a BIG guy 255lbs Doc said good

There are advantages to being fat it seems, Doc said when I can no longer swallow and have to have the feeding tube I will last longer off my fat stores. hahahahahah And all this time I've been on those stupid diets.

Told my wife I had an idea for invention, you know those little breath mint strips that melt on your tongue? Why not flavor them, chicken, bacon, eggs, ice cream, etc so when we can't swallow at least we can still taste something like we are eating?

Go out and have a fun weekend while you can.

God Bless
Big AL
I've been telling my Neuro that us fat guys live longer because it takes us longer to waste away. He says there are no studies done on it but can't dispute it. Fat guys unite! We will live on! Eat that ice cream and chocolate ( I never ate much before but now keep your eyes on your chocolate kiddies.) Have a good weekend everyone. AL.
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