Fasciculations, what to do?

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Feb 12, 2006
Me again on fasciculations. Mine have gotten bad lately, in my arms, shoulders, abdomen, and some in my legs. During the day I don't notice much but they are very distracting when I try to sleep. I've begun experimenting with low doses of clonozepam (given to me for anxiety awhile back but I rarely if ever took it due to concerns about addiction). I have the lowest dose pill (0.5 mg), then cut it in half (resulting in .25 mg). Seems to help, though it may be more psychological than physical.

Anybody out there with successful strategies?
Hi Dave. Mine started in my legs and spread everywhere but above my shoulders, luckily. Mine have never disturbed my sleep though. The doctor says mine are quite extreme. I take ativan which is another anti anxiety drug. I think yours is stronger though. I take 300mg of Quinine for muscle cramps. I used to take Baclofen but it didn't seem to work as well as the Quinine. A warm shower or bath might warm up the muscles and get them to relax a bit. That's about the best I can offer on that subject.
Man oh man, they're bad tonight! Got one in the side of my left knee that's buggin' the heck out of me. Arms, shoulders, abdomen, every darn place. Still not much atrophy though, except in my hands and lower arms. Did 20 situps tonight. Guess I should count my blessings, keep that positive mental attitude, but sheesh it is annoying! Rainy night here in SoCal, maybe that's making the muscles extra jumpy? Who knows.

Well sorry for taking up the space, just had to have some friendly place to moan about my vibratin' body. Thank God for this Board:)

Dave Try to relax. Mine get worse when I'm upset or worried about something. It's hard to ignore them but you have to learn not to let them bother you.
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