Bought a walker...

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Jul 3, 2007
I was waiting for a prescription at Walgreens the other day and noticed they had a walker on clearance down to $17 from about $50. Thought someone here might need it, so I bought it. If you PM me with your mailing address I'll send it out to you.

I really don't know anything about walkers. It may be total junk. But at least it will be free junk, right?
See folks. He's not such a bad guy after all.
Since it was brought up that stress might speed up the progression of ALS, I've decided to give AL a break and, at the suggestion of at least two of you, leave. :)

Nevertheless, if you want the walker, you can email me at [email protected]. Please do so by Sunday or I'm just going to take it to church and see if someone there needs it. In the whole big scheme of ALS costs, a walker is nothing, but...hey, it was an impulse purchase, and I thought someone might want it. I've never been good at walking past those big CLEARANCE signs.

God bless,

It was a suggestion. Not an order. I was not one of the two.
It was a suggestion. Not an order. I was not one of the two.

Don't listen to him. Al asked for my address and said he was coming to kick my butt. :-D

No, I meant to say that I'm leaving so there will be fewer arguments for al to stress over. Less stress for Al can't be bad.

But you can still get your limited edition, discontinued, crappy Walgreens walker. Don't forget!
I will miss you, Paul. Take care. Cindy

After thought: It is sad when this forum becomes a battle field. I don't know why, but every once and awhile people start sniping at each other, which for the life of me I cannot understand.
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I think people are scared and angry...and sometimes do not have other places to dump. I for one enjoy reading peoples positive stories..but also understand the grief and anxiety that people are feeling dealing with this crazy disease. Also, sometimes true emotions are hard to communicate via email. We are all in this crazy mess, lets focus our energy on positive thoughts. Sorry for the rambling...
Don't worry about the rambling Kelly. I have been living with this for 4 years now. I don't mind rambling or venting. I have come to the conclusion that I WILL NOT let this forum be taken over by miserable people that have no tact, no feeling for others and no social skills. YES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Ask a question, give an opinion, but if you start dumping on another , you will be out of here. We have the best ALS forum on the net. As long as I and David and Cindy are alive we will keep it that way. If you don't like our rules. Go somewhere else! There are a lot of less reliable places to get information. That's the way it is here. Love us or leave us.
I sincerely hope that you did not think I was defending negative energy. I felt bad after I read that last post. I have really been learning alot on this forum...and rely on it to grasp our situation. Hope I was not misunderstood.
Kelly, we know what you meant. I agree that anger and frustration and fear sometimes shows up, and why wouldn't it? I also imagine that, no matter how many loved ones are nearby, someone facing certain death must also feel lonely and terribly sad at times. This is why we are here. Our PALS and CALS do a great job reaching out during such times.

Al was talking about some in-fighting that has been going on again, some of it with the same personalities over and over. So this next part has nothing to do with you.

Everybody: I cannot accept picking a fight over something somebody says to another in a post. Any time we've had these petty arguments, the person to whom the comments were directed is never the one to take offense. Always some on- looker jumps in to strir things up.

And I am tired of it.

Now maybe it is time for me to be a little more direct. So I am proposing a new idea: if you find yourself tempted to protect somebody else, please step back. We are all adults here and people can speak up for themselves. In the future, please take issue only with comments that are directed at you.

Thank you all for your anticipated cooperation. Cindy
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AMEN. And good night. Tomorrow will be a better day.
I have question for al

I know this is nothing to do with the post but I cannot email for some reason and wanted to email Al and tell him how I am doing,I dont know what the problem is Thanks Kevinski in Calgary
We had to put some controls in to stop the spam. If you post something else here, then the PM should work.
It is nice of you you to think of others. I am new to this forum, but I visit it daily to learn about how people cope with ALS/MND. Perhaps this is not news to you old timers (as members of the ALS Forum) but the local ALS chapter loaned me both a deluxe type walker and a wheel chair, from what they call their loan closet. Perhaps all chapters do this too. I'm sure they know they will get them back - just a matter of time.

Each day I try to remember what Dr. King, neurologist, told me: "Don't ever give in to this!" So we just keep on "truckiing."
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