1. D

    There may be HOPE!

    I didn't want to put this under "Stories of Hope" just yet, but a few weeks ago I looked up cures for ALS and found that acupressure points on the instep of the human feet (massage), called Foot Nerve Therapy in Canada (originating from China) has cured people with ALS. My mom has been getting...
  2. M

    Unexplained silence regarding possible ALS risk factors & prevention

    A big hello to everyone on this forum, :smile: I'll keep this post as simple as I possibly can. I personally do not know anyone who suffers from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), and I don't suffer from it either. What got me interested about ALS is very simple. I heard about it, and started...
  3. T

    Mercury amalgam fillings

    Has anyone had any success by removing their mercury amalgam fillings and then doing a heavy metal detox? I would think it would result in relief.
  4. B

    Need to know what I'm up against

    I'm currently extremely stressed out about what my diagnosis will turn out to be but I know something's going on.... A little about me: 24/f For the past 2,3 years (but much worse recently) I've been suffering from extreme fatigue (physically & mentally), brain fog, hair loss, dull headaches...
  5. Chase_Corin

    Father just diagnosed

    My father turned 65 on November 3rd and was diagnosed 4 days later with ALS. I don't know if the entire concept has hit us yet but I feel that we are somwhat living in a bubble. Like if we ignore it and don't talk about it it will go away. My father gets very emotional if we try to discuss it...
  6. M

    Progression of symptoms with no diagnosis. Sound familiar

    In July 2009, I posted the following: "I have been reading this forum for about two months now and am so impressed by the support and information provided by the members. I am hoping to learn more and share my own experiences now as a member. I aoplogize in advance of for the long post but it...
  7. Chameleon

    Does anyone pay attention to diet?

    I have noticed that vegetables in the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, all peppers (except the kind that go in a pepper grinder) and eggplant make my throat tighten up and affect my balance. Has anyone else noticed anything like this? Any other foods that tend to exacerbate symptoms? I...
  8. L

    New here . . . has anyone tried removing toxins ?

    Hi, I can't believe I'm writing this . . . I'm so devastated . . . my wonderful mom, who is 83 and acts like she's 50, has just been told that NMD is "suspected". She only has symptoms in her mouth - started with throat clearing for about a year (she was told it was acid reflux & put on meds)...
  9. A

    DMPS chelation for ALS/Mercury

    Hi I am wondering if anyone with ALS also has a high level of Mercury in them and if they have been told to have DMPS chelation?
  10. abbas child

    "Drive Lock Out" due to mercury switch?

    Last week my power chair stopped, with a "drive lock out" briefly stated on the window of the joy stick. I was able to move just a few feet, then it returned, and this happened several times. Then, the chair totally quit, and a repair tech, Bob, came to check it out. Now am waiting for a new...