1. B

    Newly diagnosed with questons

    I'm new to forum- my fiancé has been told it is likely that he has ALS. His symptoms began aprox a year ago in his right ankle, weakness, dragging of foot- went to a physiatrist and Dx with drop foot, MRI's of hip and spine were all normal and he was referred to a Neuro. Blood work, heavy metal...
  2. M

    Mom recently diagnosed - wants to do a natural detox?

    Hi! I am new to the forum. My mother was recently diagnosed with ALS. It started with a drop-foot and has started to progress. She has not yet gotten her blood test results but she did some sort of urine test to test the heavy metals and her lead and mercury were really high (lead 3x normal)...
  3. V

    flu vaccine and als

    There is a thread on this already in the PLS section, but I thought this would get more traffic here. Anyway, what is your feeling on the flu vaccine as a contributor to ALS onset or worsening of symptoms? In the other thread,most felt that it was preferable to have the vaccine. A woman, who...
  4. G

    Dr. Advises against Flu Shot

    Heads up friends, today my husband had his 3 month check up with his primary doctor. Before the doctor came into the room his nurse asked us if my husband was getting his flu shot today. Well of course we said yes and she gave him the shot. When the doctor came in the room he said my husband...
  5. N

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, I am new to this site after spending the past couple months on daily strength I had a friend suggest this forum instead. The DS board was like a Ghost Town and not much activity in the way of information. I just completed all necessary tests, and finally got my diagnosis. I am...
  6. J

    Naturopathic doctors?help please

    My dad is 57 year old and has done serveral tests pertaining to ALS. He did the EMG and did the MRI. The doctors found nothing wrong with the MRI and their conclusions from the EMG was that he had ALS.He has twitching all over his body and only his left leg is week(dropfoot) and his left hand...
  7. hopingforcure


    I just did a home urine test for heavy metals, and it came up high mercury. Probably means absolutely nothing, but wanted to share with you guys, and get opinions.. Always looking for something I guess.
  8. B

    Just back from Neurologist

    Hi guys after 3 weeks of intense anxiety and reading forums I went to my general doc then asked for a recommendation for a neurologist which I just got back from a few hours ago and would just like your opinions. 3 weeks ago felt my left hand pointing finger twitching and when it didn't go away...
  9. S

    Advice Please

    Hi all, hope you're all feeling ok. My Mother was diagnosed as having MND today (or they're 98% sure at least) and although we suspected it for some months, it's still a horrible shock. The doctor said that a scan on her brain showed no abnormalities, but I thought MND didn't manifest itself in...
  10. J

    Paralyzed legs now arms since new baby came

    My daughter has ALS, since they can't find anything else to call it. She had dropfoot for 6 months, and nothing showed in many tests by about 5 neuros, who she had to PUSH to do anything. Everyone was "perplexed", and said come back on a couple of months if no better. SHe got pregnant, and...