1. W

    Mercury Teeth fillings (AMALGAM)

    How many of you have had Amalgam teeth fillings years before being diagnosed? I am asking this because there seems to be a strong correlation between Mercury levels in body and ALS.
  2. J

    Hello - I'm new to group

    Hi there everyone! I am pre-diagnosis. I am Male, 51, and after procrastinating for perhaps a year (maybe more?) finally went to my doctor in early Feb 06 with fascic. in thumbs, some fingers, among other places. First Neuro visit led to 2nd at an ALS clinic. I've been in fear city ever...
  3. P

    chelation therapy? only a scam? need some advice

    Hello, This is my problem - it's my husband who has als (diagnosed in June '06). His way of handling is not to read or do any research; he's left it up to me. From the beginning, some well meaning friends have mentioned to him about going to a "holistic" doctor. This doctor has come up with the...
  4. C

    Dad Recently Diagnosed -Exploring Possible Causes-Can Anyone Relate?

    My dad was recently diagnosed with ALS a few mos ago. He began having CHRONIC HIVES in 2002 (& has had them everday ever since) - he was exposed to DIESEL FUMES the day he broke out. The muscle cramps started throughout his body about the same time. He had a HEAT STROKE in 2001 in which he...
  5. M

    ALS and Cadmium toxicity

    Dear Readers, Well like many on this site the doctors did many tests and concluded that my husband Stan has ALS. He has had difficulty with breathing for several years and had gone to several specialists, lung, and heart. Had been diagnosed with bladder cancer (which by the way has been in...
  6. rcharlton

    Mitochondrial Insufficiency - say what?

    Here's another summary from an interesting recent article. Lists some familiar supplements (stay the course) and offers some hope. Just for fun - try saying "Orthomolecular" 5 times fast. 1: Altern Med Rev. 2005 Dec;10(4):268-293. Related Articles, Links Neurodegeneration from...