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  • Thinking of you as christmas approaches. Hold on to the christmas memories with your dad, think of them with joy and dont worry if tears flow. Remembering and missing someone deeply shows your love for them x
    Sending you a hug Chase. I don't know what religion you belong too. But, maybe you could light a candle at your church in your dad's memory. Call someone else who might be lonely at this time of year. It will cheer you up to know you are there for someone else who's hurting. Hang in there. Your dad wants you to be happy not sad. Love, Kim
    Thinking of you Chase. Hope you are filled with wonderful memories of your dad this Christmas. Remember, he would want you to be happy that he is now in heaven and no longer suffering. Sending you a hug, Kim
    Hi- I know today must have been so difficult. Many of of us here are standing behind you and beside you as you bid farewell to your precious dad. Please, drop in once in awhile to let us know you're doing OK. Hang in there - if you come to Ottawa and want to meet for a coffee (or something stronger) - I'd like that!
    You are in my prayers. I am so sorry about your dad. I am scared of the day that is coming that my dad will pass away from this horrendous disease as well. I watched my mom die of cancer 15 years ago and now its my dad. But, after so many years I have finally accepted my mother's passing and am able to cherish the wonderful memories I have of her. Even though the time I had with her was cut way too short that time was beautiful. I pray that you to will reach that inner peace someday. Love, Kim
    I am sad to hear your Father has passed. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Patty
    Hi Allie,
    my name is Tom and I am a market researcher and have a project that involves both ALS patients and their support network in Canada. The research takes 45-60 minutes over the telephone and I am offering $100 for your time and participation. If you are in Toronto, I am also looking to speak with people face to face in a downtown facility.

    The research objectives of the study are very broad and no personal information is asked of you. Specific areas of discussion focus on the following:
    1. Attitudes and behaviours towards ALS
    2. How the ALS condition is currently managed
    3. What patient services are available and being used

    Please contact me if you are interested in participating or if you know of anyone that may be interested in participating in this study to better understand the challenges of living with ALS.
    With thanks
    [email protected]
    Hi Chase ! How are things going with you? My dad unfortunately is getting weaker everyday. His fingers are start to curve that its hard for him to hold things now such as a cup etc. His breathing isn't too bad yet. But, he just started using a Bi-pap a few weeks ago. He is getting a more restful sleep with it. My dad is on Ritulek. Don't know if it is doing any good or not. My dad will be 78 on Sept. 11th. Take care of yourself and stay strong. Drop me a line anytime. Kim
    Thanks Chase - I am so sorry for your Dad -hope he's holding up well in spite of it all. ALS sure hits close to home!! If there's anything I can do for you from a PALS' perspective - don't hesitate to ask. Best wishes to and prayers for you and your family. Your Dad is lucky to have you!
    Hi! How are thing going with you? My dad had his second appointment with a ALS specialist last week in Dallas. They confirmed the diagnosis of ALS. My dad real be partcipating in some clinical trials and is going to try out the drug Ritulek. How is your dad doing? Stay strong and write when you can . Kim
    OMG! I see you are 33 and I was thinking you and your brother were much younger. I hope you have straightened him out, for you and your mom's sake!!!
    Hi there, have seen your posts and just wanted to say hi. My mom is als diagnosed, just a year before your dad. Sorry to hear of your driving dilemma-was wondering if he might really believe he could still drive. Though I never had this issue with mum, she did insist on doing stuff I knew she couldn't manage. She walked long beyond when it was safe for instance. For some things the only way she learned was by doing & failing. Heartbreaking altogether.
    Glad to hear your mom is getting help and you are there to encourage her to take some time. That is such a blessing for her and your father too. I can only imagine how hard it is to say ok to others coming in but unfortunately with this disease, it's necessary for everyone's well being.
    I hope it has been a good week for your dad.
    May you all have a good Friday, although back to rain it seems...
    Hi Chase,
    Just finding you here. I have travelled the path you are on with my mom. I expect you are finding this forum to be a great resource as I did. I'm just a few doors down in Kanata and wanted to say hi. I hope today is a good day for your dad.
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