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    worried I have ALS

    Hi there. I am a 28 year old mother of two, and I am scared out of my mind that I might have ALS. Around mid-October of last year, I experienced some mild but strange symptoms: dizziness, tingling in my extremities (both sides eventually, but initially it was mainly a pins and needles...
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    Further questions on my condition

    I first want to thank everyone for your responses regarding my condition. Summary: - since July 2008 twitching started, emg normal - March 2008 Ulcerative colitis flare up - On prednisone until Dec 15, 2008 - January 2009 experiencing some weakness lots of twitching FEB 09 emg ok - constant head...
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    Weakness and Head Pressure

    Hi Everyone, I've posted a few times a couple of months ago. I've had 4 emgs done, last one on August 15, 2009 which the neuro said he didn't see anything. I was experiencing lots of twitching all over my body but that has slowed down a bit. What is bothering me and has been progressing is pain...
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    Follow Up questions about what is happening to me

    Hi , I've posted several times and received a lot of valuable feed back. Many already know my story but I'm back with some concerns. I 've had several emg's and they have come back with positive feedback. I've come to the fact my body twitches everywhere( back, arms, stomach, legs not mouth...
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    Do I have ALS/MND?

    I have been reading this forum for about two months now and am so impressed by the support and information provided by the members. I am hoping to learn more and share my own experiences now as a member. I aoplogize in advance of for the long post but it is my first time on the forum and I want...
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    nitrosative stess

    hi there has anybody ever heard about the correlation of nitrosative stress and ALS? some say that all multifactorial deseases have nitrosative stress as background. After this NS seems to be linked with sensibility on the effects of toxins like lead and mercury or bacteria like cyanobacteria.
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    amalgam-fillings caused a massive contamination of mercury

    just went to see a kinesiologist to test how my body reacts to mercury (have 8 small fillings in my mouth). result: massive contamination with mercury! how come these ****ing dentists to the idea of putting the highest toxic substance in my mouth and say it is harmless!? according to this guy...
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    First visit to ALS Center

    Hey Everyone, I finally went to my first session at an ALS Center, and I came away with very mixed feelings. The people were very nice, and most gave me a lot of info. It was when the staff Nuerologist came in that I now feel a little lost. I was diagnosed May 1st 2009, and at that time it...
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    Amalgam/mercury and ALS - I am sure of a correlation

    Sorry to bother you again with my second post on this in the recent days. Sorry for my bad english, I am swiss and did not use my English for quite a while. I have now done quite a lot of research on the correlation between mercury/amalgam-fillings and ALS. There are many medical workers and...
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    dear all i am not diagnosed with a mnd but with a benign fasciculation syndrom (although i always doubt if it could be als). i have eight mercury-fillings in my mouth, all of which seem to be older, cannot remember when my dentist put them anymore, but certainly more than 10 years. i have found...