1. Nikki J


    This is the edaravone study using a formulation developed in Europe. It definitely raises questions about radicava and I encourage people to discuss this with their neurologist. I don’t take radicava and never thought it worth pursuing but i am almost as different from the Japanese trail...
  2. ShiftKicker

    For Canadians interested in Radicava

    The CADTH (independent advisory body Health Canada consulted with) has published its recommendations on Edaravone use in Canada based on their research and consultations with ALS patients, caregivers and other health professionals. From ALS Canada The report can be found here...
  3. S

    Edaravone feedback on its effectiveness

    Hi first time on this forum. Seamus from Ireland diagnosed1year but symptoms about 4 years, 49 married 4 kids. What I would like to ask people is about Edaravone. It has been in use in the US since 2017. It is not available in Europe yet but there is a large clinical trial this year on the oral...
  4. F

    Thick phlegm

    Hi Can anyone help ? My husband 65 years young, (ex Indian Navy), physically very active till diagnosed and even after, has pseudo bulbar palsy. Diagnosed May 2017. The last couple of months he has lower limb weakness- uses a walker. Is on Edaravone and Rilutor. Of late he has thick phlegm...
  5. K


    Hi there. My dad was diagnosed this past March and is on rilutek as well as he is taking edaravone. I am interested in where I can get rch4. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Thanks for all your help Karen
  6. Scotiaspirit

    Radicava Side effects

    I been on Edaravone (Radicava) since March of this year. I been experiencing brief periods of blurred vision (both eyes at the same time) during my weeks on treatment, but do not seem to have them during my rest periods. My nurses and doc has noted it, but are unsure if it is a related side...
  7. Raja

    ALS+FTD on EDARAVONE for 6months.

    Hi friends, I am 62, from God's own country. Diagnosed with MND-ALS+(FTD??) in March first week, this year. There is no new stories. As usual, my neurologist put me on reluzole, edaravone, methylcobalamin, alpha lipoic acid,pyridoxine hydrochloride,D3, and some other supliments . Ok. I will post...
  8. C

    Please share your experience at ALS clinic - very frustrated!

    Hi all! We’ve only been to our ALS clinic once to meet neurologist and clinic nurse which was two weeks ago. During the visit we inquired about a couple trials my Dad may be interested in as well as treatments Riluzole and Edaravone. The Neurologist and Nurse said they could give us no advise...
  9. I

    News! Edaravone in Canada

    Heard from Sunnybrook Hospital (Toronto) today. Person indicated that it looked like Edaravone would be approved in Canada for August/September. That's big news. Have nothing to substantiate other than her word.
  10. I

    rilutek - stomach, throat, skin

    I've read through several posts here about Rilutek. Just adding my experience. Been on it for over a year. I have had stomach bloating for many years. The Rilutek has seemed to make this worse. Experience what feels like an obstruction in my lower throat... just annoying really. Have...