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  • Hi Cherise. I am still figuring out this site. But I don’t think it’s very user friendly. The worrying and anxiety can definitely speed up the progression in my opinion. But I’m no doctor.
    Hi Cherise,

    We were told in September by a friend who is a neurologist that he was 99% sure my dad had Als. He has mostly lower body symptoms with the right leg being worse. He has some weakness in his upper body but other than that we haven’t seen much change other than that. He has widespread fasiculations pretty much all over his body. Crossing my fingers he has a slow progression
    Can you please phone me Cherise? I have some he could use immediately. (removed and sent via pm by mod for privacy)
    I just saw this message Cherise. I will respond tomorrow. Were you able to get Edaravone?
    Scooped your email from the publicly viewable visitor page for Firefighter and sent it to him privately.


    If you'd like to research another route, Edaravone has been wonderful for my husband. It gives him energy, an increased appetite and has slowed his progression IMHO.

    Please let me know if I can help in any way.
    Hi Cherise,
    My husband has not been on the trial since March 28th. I believe if he had continued on the clinical trial, he would have committed suicide, as the Pimozide completely changed him and made him have suicidal ideation.. No joke.

    The closest place to you for your dad to try the Pimozide clinical trial is Calgary (I think).
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