1. H

    I need support

    I need support and I dont know who else to turn too. I realize we all have our path we need to walk alone and I know you all have been diagnosed with ALS but I really dont know who else to turn to in this time as no one understands as they only see me as a person who is not dying at the moment...
  2. J

    Did anyone tried this?

    Since theres no drug to cure als, even make plateau, reversal i dont even want to mention, since theres no known cause for it, - why do young and old people could be in a same pair of shoes, did anyone try to COMPLETELY change way of living? i dont think just of food, excercise etc, but did...
  3. 3

    My sweet father is gone

    Sadly my dad passed away on April 27th/2018, a few weeks after his 76th birthday, seven months after his diagnosis in October 2017. My dad was a very active man right up to August 2017 when he really started to feel something wrong with his legs, arms and speech. Everything hit him at the same...
  4. Nikki J

    SALSa for a cure

    Seems to be the new ice bucket challenge. It apparently originated from Mastercard in honor of one of their employees. They challenged MGH where the employee gets care and they challenged a number of organizations Try running the letters together and adding dot org to see
  5. W

    Some questions and concerns

    Hi all, First, I want to say that I have the utmost respect for the people here who are battling this awful disease and for their caregivers. I pray for a cure and peace to all of you. I think it is selfless that you give your time to a forum like this. I have been having some concerning...
  6. R

    My story-A family history of ALS victims.

    (Sorry for the long post, for all who don't want to read through my story, you can simply skip to paragraph "8" to review the symptoms and advise. 1) Hi, this is obviously my first post here. I am 27 years old male. I have a healthy semi muscular body, I was a good athlete in the past and took...
  7. M

    Stem cell transplants

    My Dad who is 60 an active and daily exercise this entire life was just diagnosed with ALS last week. We are totally devasted and feel completely overwhelmed at the task of trying to slow or better yet stop the progression of this disease. He has 4 children, a wife, 3 young grandchildren that...
  8. KarenNWendyn

    NurOwn stem cell phase 3 study

    I have looked into this study and had a fairly extensive discussion with the study coordinator at the San Francisco site. I am posting information about this study here in case anyone is interested. Enrollment is still open for this phase 3 study. The study is sponsored by Brainstorm Cell...
  9. J

    Peace, Prayers, and Blessings to you all.

    It’s been a while since I’ve first posted here a couple months ago. Just an update, but my ALS fears have pretty much subsided. I do get the occasional twitches here and there but I’m pretty much back to my old self. This experience has taught me so much, and you all are such incredible...
  10. H

    Father was just given “probable diagnosis”

    Hi and thank you in advance for reading- My dad is 64 and overall is a healthy, active person. To say we are devastated is an understatement- it seemingly came out of nowhere and has turned our world upside down. He is scheduled for a 5 day evaluation at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester at the end...