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  • Meghan- You are correct. It does require some getting used to. Some people just start a single thread and just post all their questions on that one thread if it's pressing and need answers sooner rather than later- then gradually move on to exploring the forum once they gain a bit more confidence.

    The stem cell discussion is a difficult one, as there are many predatory for profit clinics out there that have slick websites and promise a great deal. However, they can cause some serious challenges to the health of those they promise to help. It may feel like people are trying to dash hope, however it is currently the wild west with regards to regulations and is not at the point of actually improving or prolonging life quality for those with ALS.

    Hi Meghan- Welcome to the forum. I am so sorry you find yourself here. This is an immensely supportive forum and has lots of info in its archives too. There have been quite a few discussions about stem cell therapy on this forum. If you use the search function, you will see all sorts of threads and previous conversations.

    You are posting on your profile page here. Profile pages don't get much traffic, so I recommend you head over to the forum proper and introduce yourself. If you wish to start a new thread, look in the top left of whichever subforum you are in and hit the "New Thread" button.

    Caregivers' subforum: http://www.alsforums.com/forum/current-caregivers-cals/

    General forum: http://www.alsforums.com/forum/
    Hello I am new to this site. my father was recently diagnosed with ALS. I was wondering if anyone has gone out of country for stem cell therapy, if so where? thanks
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